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How is God Using this Program?

**Some Names and Identity of individuals have remained anonymous**

“Partnering with Push the Rock ministry was such a blessing and exactly what we needed to engage our high school students. The Coaching staff was great at getting everyone involved in the activities and Bible devotions, making it fun and relevant. I appreciated that the staff was professional, reliable, and always made an effort to really connect with the students.” – Melissa Behm – Christ Community Church (West Chester, PA)


“We are so appreciative and incredibly blessed by the entire staff that work with our son in the gym classes. He has a lot of struggles which mainly turns into a high degree of anxiety in social settings. We had met with a specialist that feels homeschooling is the best option for him even though we are unsure, at times. The Push The Rock Gym Class program seems to work for him so well and the fact he wants to go and seems to love it is a huge testament to all of the staff that work with him each week. Your obvious love and care for our boy, who struggles normally in social settings, makes him feel safe and comfortable. He always gets in the car after class and just goes on and on about his time and how much fun he had and what he has learned that week. We wanted to thank you all so much for blessing our boy and our family. Please know what a tremendous role you are playing in our son’s life and thank you for your consistent time and effort given to so many children every week.” – Mother of Participant


“Thank you for the birthday card you sent our son!  You all do such a great job with team building, and making the kids feel important!” – Mother of Participant


“When I get older, I want to be a Push The Rock Coach like you!” – Student in Class


“Our son loved all the games played in class, especially Dodge Ball! He loved his first day of Push The Rock.”  – Mother of Participant

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