to our Missionaries

*Staff are listed alphabetically by last name*

Donate to David Alvarado
David leads all prison ministry efforts in Costa Rica.
Donate to Andi Brubaker
Andi Brubaker oversees all ministry in our Push The Rock Guatemala office
Donate to Ben and Esther Campbell
Ben joined the Push The Rock team in 2019 and has joined the International Operations division of the ministry as the Director of Latin America Operations
Donate to Scott Canterberry
Scott serves as head of North America Operations.
Donate to Leah Cole
Leah serves as a Midwest Ministry Associate for Eagles Wings Disc Golf in Michigan.
Donate to Taylor Dafoe
Taylor will be serving in the Lehigh Valley District as a Sports Ministry Associate
Donate to Joel and Alissa Freeman
Joel and Alissa Freeman are Worship Leaders for Eagles Wings Touring Chapel Services
Donate to Thiago Goffert
Thiago serves on staff in our Brazil office location and helps to lead the year-round programming that takes place there.
Donate to Nattie Gomez
Nattie Gómez directs the daily operations of and provides spiritual leadership for the entire ministry in Costa Rica.
Donate to Seth Hogan
Seth serves as Eagles Wings Northeast District Manager
Donate to Stephen Ippolito
Stephen Ippolito is the District Manager for Push The Rock Hazleton. Stephen brings a new sport to our camps and programs: Stronghold. It’s a foam sword fighting sport.
Donate to Dustin Leatherman
Dustin Leatherman oversees the ministry work of Eagles Wings Disc Golf. He coordinates our national chapel ministry at events, manages youth and family programs
Donate to Lindsey McDowell
Lindsey McDowell serves Push The Rock as a Campus Representative at Lehigh University
Donate to Brendan O’Brien
Brendan O’Brien came on board as a summer camp coach in 2001 and currently serves as the Vice President of International Operations.
Donate to Chris Rodriguez
Chris serves with Eagles Wings Disc Golf in Washington State.
Donate to Tyson Rohrs
Tyson Rohrs started at Push The Rock in 2015 as a sports ministry associate and is currently leading programs in the Harrisburg District.
Donate to Jim Schultz
Jim Schultz works with Eagles Wings Disc Golf and serves in the Michigan area.
Donate to Emily Shuman
Emily interned with Push The Rock in college before joining the team in the Lehigh Valley in 2019. She is working as an administrative assistant and Sports Ministry Associate.
Donate to Zach Smith
Zach serves as District Manager for our Eagles Wings Disc Golf in the Southeast region of the United States.
Donate to Daniel Stephan
Daniel joined the Push The Rock staff in 2016. He currently oversees the weekly sports programs in Brazil, coaches tennis at AECA.
Donate to Kyle Stramara
Kyle Stramara joined Push The Rock in 2011 and now leads all Harrisburg-based programs and events.
Donate to Mitch Thomas
Mitch serves as the BuxMont District Manager on our North America Team
Donate to Sajid Velasquez
Sajid Velasquez oversees all ministry in our Push The Rock office in Tenerife, Spain

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