Camps and Clinics

“ ‘It’s okay,’ said my son. ‘I learned at camp this week that sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself for your friends and let them do something you want to do because that’s how you love them like Jesus.’ Everyone got quiet for a minute. Then the kid said thank you and some of the older kids told my son that was nice…and the game continued. I found out later that one of the families there was staunchly atheist…I’m not sure if it made an impact…But it was cool to see God work on my son’s little heart.” –Harrisburg area mom.

Focus. It’s a key characteristic in an athlete, especially as they spend intensive time honing their skill. It’s an opportunity for a mentor to shape so much more than the athlete’s pitch or kick.

Each year, nearly 5,000 students across the U.S. and in approximately 10 other countries encounter the unique experience of a Push The Rock camp, clinic, or club. Through these multiple-day endeavors, students advance their skills and engage in relationships that shape not only their talent, but also their character.

Currently, we offer basketball, baseball, field hockey, soccer, martial arts, and disc golf for students of all skill levels. Some of these programs are offered in orphanages in Morocco and Costa Rica, as part of our commitment to care for the least of these.

You have made it possible to serve in these areas today…

Allentown, PA

Harrisburg, PA

Trenton, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Paw Paw, MI

Bucks County, PA

Montgomery County, PA

San Jose, Costa Rica

Atibaia, Brazil

Macha, Zambia

Tenerife, Spain

Mestre, Italy

…Now make an impact in these places in the future!

Hazleton, PA

Reading, PA

Wilmington, DE

Other states in the U.S. China

Madrid, Spain

Antiqua, Guatemala

Guadalajara, Mexico

Other cities in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Zambia

In the Spotlight: Disc Golf with Eagles Wings

Globally, 2 million people spend hours on one of the world’s 4,700 disc golf courses, often times participating in one of the 2,000 tournaments! That’s why we were thrilled to welcome Eagles Wings as a division of Push The Rock, so that we can continue building courses, offering clinics, running tournaments, and serving as chaplains for the Professional Disc Golf Tour. A growing sport, disc golf represents one of those unique chances to join people where they enjoy life and prayerfully enter opportunities to share Christ. Currently, we offer disc golf opportunities in communities all over the U.S.

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