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One principal shared with us: “I wanted to take time to thank you guys for the scholarships given to one of our 8th graders. His mom came to me at the awards ceremony yesterday, gave me a huge hug, and was in tears as she was telling me that the Push The Rock scholarships lifted such a great burden from her. She is overjoyed to have him positively engaged in such great activities over the summer. This student has been hanging with the wrong crowd, and for him to be a part of Push The Rock camps would be great for him.”

In the U.S. and abroad, after school is often a time when students have a choice: to be productive and safe with their time and talents, or to find themselves taking risks that can alter their entire life’s path.

We help that choice become an easy one. In inner cities and suburbs around the country, as well as urban and rural communities around the globe, Push The Rock School Programs are actively engaging students in healthy play and close mentorship, day after day. Many times, even to secular community organizations, our relationships with the schools, teachers, and students become indispensable.

Currently, we offer physical education and recreation programs for students before school, after school, and through homeschool programs.

You have made it possible to serve in these areas today…

Allentown, PA

Harrisburg, PA

Bucks County, PA

Montgomery County, PA

San Jose, Costa Rica

Atibaia, Brazil

Macha, Zambia

…Now make an impact in these places in the future!

Trenton, NJ

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Tenerife, Spain

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