Eagles Wings Internships

Sometimes, the Best Practice is Being in the Game

Eagles Wings provides real-world sports experience for those investigating sports management, full-time ministry, or multiple career options. Eagles Wings internships will prepare you by giving you the skills and drills for:

  • Organization
  • Trip and travel planning
  • Relationship-building
  • Public speaking
  • Task management
  • Education
  • And so much more

Eagles Wings respects and engages with interns as trusted members of staff. We designed our Domestic internship experiences to fit your career objectives and your college’s needs and objectives. Internships are flexible enough to accommodate most requirements.

All interns must be in complete agreement with the mission and values of Eagles Wings.

International Internships

Eagles Wings Disc Golf, a ministry of Push The Rock, works with missionaries around the world to introduce the sport and to install disc golf courses.  These initiatives have been met with great enthusiasm and we are looking to provided additional assistance in using disc golf as a ministry platform by providing international disc golf internships.  Currently, we are offering internships in Macha, Zambia and San Jose, Costa Rica, and we look forward to adding additional opportunities in 2020. Read more here.