We are always looking for ways to reach out to the disc golf community. Here are some of the programs that we are currently running to do this.

Youth and Family Tournaments and Leagues – We are striving to run some of the premier youth tournaments and leagues. See what is coming up in your local area. Pennsylvania | Michigan



Chapel Services – In order to help the Christians in the disc golf community stay connected to the Body of Christ when they are away from home on a Sunday, we run local and national chapel service.



Course Design – We know that disc golf is a great tool to be able to reach out to people. Having a course allows you to invite the disc golf community to you. We want to partner with you to build a course that can be used for ministry.


Mission Trips – We have the pleasure of traveling around the world to help missionaries in other countries start and maintain a local disc golf ministry. This has included trips to build courses and will include running tournaments and other events.


Junior Grant – In order to encourage young disc golfers who are making a difference in the disc golf community we have partnered with some of the big names in disc golf to offer a grant. Grant winners will get to compete at the premier junior disc golf tournaments representing Eagles Wings.