Our Goal: We want you to see disc golf as a way to partner with another ministry and we are looking to invest our time and efforts into growing this sport through your facilities. The training values are limitless and the investment you are making into your property and the lives of those who will play on the course will be life-changing.

On Site Consultation

Fee: $100 a day*

Eagles Wings will travel to your facility and provide an assessment of your facility and property. This will include course design ideas along with samples for sharing with your volunteers and staff. We will talk you through several course design options that we can customize to your vision for your course and budget. Our team has 12 years of experience building and designing courses. On top of that, our team has many years of playing experience and can come alongside you and your team to create an environment of learning and variable challenges for an amazing experience on your personalized course.

*Fee does not include lodging, food and mileage

Course Design and Construction

Recreation Level: $25 a hole

With this package, we will design a layout for the number of holes your budget and property will allow. We will mark tee boxes, locate basket placements, and design the flow for your course to ensure safety, environmental protection, and overall fun for your users.

Advanced Level: $50 a hole

The advanced package allows us to create the tee boxes for throwing, dig the holes for each basket, and create a fairway throughout your property. We will also examine the fairway and only mark trees that we feel must be removed.

Open Level: $100 a hole

This package provides you with all the work you need to have your course ready to play. We will clear out the fairways, install the tee boxes, and have your property completely ready to be played when the baskets arrive.

Special Basket Pricing

We are able to connect you with two of the top disc golf manufacturers who will provide you with the some of the best baskets on the market today.

Prodigy T-1 Basket

$280 each

$2520 for 9 holes

$5040 for 18 holes

Dynamic Discs Basket Options

Veteran Baskets:

This is the Championship level basket from Dynamic Discs and is approved by the PDGA for all levels of competition.

$325 per basket (not including shipping)

Patriot Baskets:

This is the Pro level basket from Dynamic Discs. It still qualifies for the top tier of targets and all levels of competition under the PDGA guidelines.

$250 per basket (not including shipping)

Innova Disc Golf Options

DISCcatcher Pro 28

$425 each

$2925 for 9 – $900 savings

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