Eagles Wings Courses

To get a feel for what we do, take a look at what we have done! This is our archive of courses that we have done with a good explanation of how we went about creating each course.

Judson College

(Expected Completion 2017)

Jim Schultz is currently working with Judson College to build a disc golf course for their students and the local community. A crew of workers from Eagles Wings has recently visited the campus to finish the layout and begin clearing excessive undergrowth around campus. They also began laying the paving tiles that are being sued for tee boxes and began drilling holes for the baskets. Jim describes this course as, “A short but challenging course that winds its way through the college campus.” We are expecting this course to be completed fall of 2017.

Costa Rica

(Established 2017)

Built by a missions team with Eagles Wings Disc Golf, this course designed by Jim Schultz supports the local missionaries of Push The Rock Costa Rica. Baskets were built by a local manufacturer. The course was designed to be fun for a wide variety of ages and mostly geared towards kids. It is a 9 hole course measure about 2000 ft.

“We are grateful for the Disc Golf course which was built in the Villa Olimpica in Desamparados. Last month we received a Disc Golf training in this field and we are planning to practice once a month, so, if it is God’s will, we will be able to start a league next year. We are excited about what is in store for Disc Golf in Costa Rica.”

Nattie Gomez
PTR Costa Rica



(Established 2016)

Built by the first ever Eagles Wings Disc Golf mission trip team. Designed by Jim Schultz this course supports the local missionaries of Push the Rock Zambia. Baskets are custom designed and built in country by the Eagles Wings team. This is a 9 hole course designed for kids of all ages to have fun. It measures about 1800 ft.

“Since EWDG came to teach us disc golf, and install a course for us, we have not stopped seeing growth in the game in the community.  The children, some of them as young as 5 and 6, LOVE playing and are always eager to show how good they have become. Beyond that, our staff also has continued to love disc golf, even bringing there friends to introduce them to the game as well.  The game has been a huge blessing to our work here and it is hard to imagine how we survived so long without it!”

Eric Thuma
PTR Zambia

Camp Hydaway

(Established 2015)

This course was designed by Steve Bowman as the second course at Liberty University. This course is a very technical course that will challenge even the best players. It was designed to be a top level course with multiple tee pads on each hole. This was the first course to make use of the Prodigy T-1 baskets and features 20 holes. There is a plan for Steve to expand this course to 27 holes.

Camp Loucon

(Established 2015)

This nine hole course was designed for the guests of Camp Loucon. The guests have loved the first nine holes so much there is now a plan to put in the next nine holes that have already been designed. The camp mixes summer camps for kids with guest group retreats for people of all ages.

“Steve and Eagle’s Wings came to our camp and helped us design our disc golf course. Having no experience myself, Steve’s expert knowledge and simple directions made installing the holes a breeze. We now offer 9 holes of disc golf for our summer campers and retreat guests; they all love it! We plan to install the back 9 of our course this spring to complete Steve’s 18 ole recommendation and begin hosting our very own tournaments and fundraisers. I couldn’t have done it without Steve!”

Alex Garden
Program Director
Camp Loucon

Liberty East

(Established 2010)

This was the first course designed by Steve Bowman at Liberty University. It has multiple tees and basket locations and provides a good variety of hole including some technical holes. This course has 20 holes and can measure up to 6,765 feet in length.


(Established 2008)

Built by a youth team from a church in California on their missions trip. This course was designed by Jim Schultz for a local camp in Mexico. The baskets are custom built to save as much money as possible. This is a short course built specifically for kids visiting the camp. There are two nine hole loops with themes on each hole. One of the more notable holes is a Spiderman themed hole with a giant web protecting one side of the basket.

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