This program is about celebrating the youth who are striving to make a difference in their local disc golf communities. We want to promote what they are doing, give them a platform to share the sport they love and encourage them to grow as athletes and members of their local community.

2020 Junior Disc Golf Grant

With the tremendous support of Kids Disc Golf as well as Nate and Val Doss, we are excited to announce the 2020 Junior Disc Golf Grant. Nate and Val began this amazing tradition a few years ago and continue to serve as visionaries and major supporters!  We are looking to find 6 inspiring youth who are making a difference in their disc golf community. Over the past three years, we have met 16 incredible kids who are working hard to make a difference in the sport, and we are excited to add 6 more winners this year.  We are thankful for a great group of sponsors that have joined us to make the 2020 grant better than ever!

About The Junior Grant

The concept was born in 2016 when Nate and Val offered their own grant to one lucky junior disc golfer.  In 2017, Eagles Wings Disc Golf talked with Nate and decided to offer a grant for 4 winners with the help of a number of great sponsors.  In 2018, the same grant was offered to 6 winners with even more sponsors.

Driven by a desire to see youth disc golf grow, Eagles Wings Disc Golf, Kids Disc Golf, and Nate Doss are working together to bring back the grant for 2020.  By working together going forward, we believe we will be able to strengthen the program and continue to help even more junior disc golfers in the future.

Each Recipient Will Receive:

  • Entry to the 2020 PDGA Junior World Championships or United States Junior Disc Golf Championships
  • A minimum of $100 for travel expenses
  • Grant winners’ dinner in Emporia at the World Championships
  • (1) Pair of Keen Shoes
  • (1) Tour Series Disc from Nate Doss
  • (1) Tour Series Disc from Valarie Jenkins
  • (3) Custom Junior Grant DyeMax Discs from Dynamic Discs.  These discs will also be sold with part of the proceeds going to the grant winners for travel expenses.
  • A tour of the Dynamic Discs warehouse by a DD Pro during the Junior Worlds Event.
  • (1) Custom Jersey provided by Paragon Disc Golf
  • (1) Whale Sac and Whalepants Disc compliments of Eric and Tina Oakley
  • (1) Kids Disc Golf prize pack
  • (1) Innova Discs VIP Card (50% off an order up to $200) and custom grant winner desktop target
  • (1) 2021 PDGA Membership
  • (1) Online lesson from Will Schusterick and Disc Golf Instruction
  • (1) Upper Park Designs pinch disc golf bag
  • Subscription to uDisc Pro for one year for each winner (6 months free for all applicants)
  • (1) $50 Gift Card to Foundation Disc Golf
  • (1) Set of JomezPro socks & hat
  • (1) Video conference with World Champion Paige Shue

Applicant Criteria:

  • Must be 18 years old or younger
  • Must be eligible to compete in the PDGA Junior World Championships or the United States Junior Championships in 2020.
  • Must complete the application process by either submitting a video or answering the essay questions in writing.
  • Must provide a reference of a PDGA member in your local disc golf community

Selections will be made by a panel of judges that will consist of volunteers from various regions and be headed up by one full-time staff member.  Family members of an Eagles Wings Disc Golf or Kids Disc Golf staff member are ineligible to receive the grant.  Judges will be looking for applicants who are serious about improving their game, but more importantly, serious about serving the disc golf community around them.


Application Process:

In order for us to get to know each applicant even better, we are asking applicants to make a video that is no more than 8 minutes long. This is a completely optional part of the application process. If you would like to answer the essay questions in writing you will be able to do so in the main application.

If you are willing to submit this video, we will have you privately upload it to our application that only we will have access to. We will maintain your privacy and will not publish it anywhere without your permission.

In your video, introduce yourself and share why you deserve to win this grant, what goals you have for disc golf this year and share with us a project that you will complete during the year in your local disc golf community. Examples include a course service project, raising funds, teaching, etc.

If you do not want to submit a video, you will be allowed to answer three essay questions. These are the same questions that we are asking applicants to answer in their videos.

Grant Timeline:

January 8 – Grant Application Process Opens
February 15 – Grant Application Process Closes
March 17 – Grant Winners Announced