Eagles Wings Disc Golf Junior Grant

This program is about celebrating the youth who are striving to make a difference in their local disc golf communities. We want to promote what they are doing, give them a platform to share the sport they love and encourage them to grow as athletes and members of their local community.

The Junior Grant is back for 2019!

We are blessed to announce that with the help of some amazing sponsors, the Junior Grant is back for 2019. We are looking to find 6 inspiring youth who are making a difference in their disc golf community. Over the past two years we have met 10 incredible kids who are working hard to make a difference in their disc golf community and we are excited to add 6 more winners this year.


Driven by our desire to see youth disc golf grow, Eagles Wings Disc Golf is offering their Junior Grant Program for the second year.  This past year we worked with well over 1,000 youth teaching clinics, running leagues, and hosting tournaments and we are excited about the future of youth disc golf.

We want to thank Nate Doss, one of the great ambassadors for the sport of disc golf. It was his junior grant that first inspired the Eagles Wings Disc Golf Junior Grant. Nate and all our other amazing sponsors have helped make this years junior grant better than ever.

Each Recipient Will Receive:

  • We are still working with sponsors to create the best possible experience for our junior grant winners this year.
  • Additionally, we continue to work with our past winners to support their continued efforts to making a difference in their disc golf communities.

Grant Partners:

We are still working to find partners for 2019. We are blessed by the continued support of some of the biggest companies and touring pros as we seek to make the best experience for our grant winners. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Dustin Leatherman at dusting@eagleswingsdiscgolf.org.

Applicant Criteria:

  • Must be 18 years old or younger
  • Must be eligible to compete in the PDGA Junior World Championships or the United States Junior Championships in 2019.  Click HERE for Junior World Championships Criteria.
  • Must submit an essay of up to 200 words written by the applicant showing why they deserve the grant
  • Must submit a proposal for a project they will complete in 2019 that will serve their local disc golf community
  • Must provide a reference of a PDGA member in your local disc golf community

Selections will be made by a panel of judges that will consists of volunteers from various regions, and will be headed up by one full-time staff member.  Family members of an Eagles Wings Disc Golf staff member are ineligible to receive the grant.  Judges will be looking for applicants who are serious about improving their game, but more importantly serious about serving the disc golf community around them.


Application Process:

All applicants must complete the application process by the deadline listed below.  Please use the link below to apply.


Grant Timeline:

The application will be available early January of 2019. The deadline to complete your application will be in mid to late February. Winners will be announced in March.