Chris Rodriguez

What is your best Disc Golf Memory?

Hitting an ace for $2,400! We needed the money and it was the last hole of the day at an ace pot locally. An ace hadn’t been hit in quite a while. It was a rather nice blessing. 🙂

 Why did you want to join Eagles Wings?

I was already finding ways to minister to disc golfers in my area and Eagles Wings Disc Golf has given me more of a platform to do it. My love for mentoring young men and ministering to families made this a match made in heaven.

What is your favorite disc in your bag and why?

My go to is my Jade by Lat64. I don’t have a huge arm so I rely on hyzer flipping into a straight shot and using it as my go-to turn over disc when needed. My Innova Boss is slowly creeping up as a favorite as well.

What is your favorite shot to throw during a round and why?

Anhyzer forehand up shot.

What is the next course on your disc golf bucket list?

I would like to play overseas eventually. Anywhere really would be fine.

What other hobbies do you have or what other sports do you participate in?

I help coach my kids in wrestling. I’ve been a grappler since my junior high days. I slowly transitioned from high school wrestling to Brazilian Jujitsu and didn’t look back until my kids began their wrestling program this year.

At Eagles Wings Disc Golf, we are full-time missionaries and are financially supported by people like you.

Would you like to help to personally support Chris so he can continue to do meaningful work in the disc golf community?