Leah Cole

What is your best Disc Golf Memory?

In 2017 I was 5 months pregnant and decided to play the A-Tier Glass Blown Open tournament. I was excited and nervous, but I was able to play on the top card in the Intermediate Women’s division. The quality level of play was great and I really loved the competition.

 Why did you want to join Eagles Wings?

I’ve always loved doing sports as Ministry so this combined my two passions of Disc Golf and Jesus. I couldn’t ask for a better fit.

What is your favorite disc in your bag and why?

I’ve really come to like the EMac Truth. It glides so nicely and is a perfect midrange upshot disc for me.

What is your favorite shot to throw during a round and why?

I like tight spaces where I can thread a needle. It’s so challenging, but gives me such a sense of satisfaction when I actually get it right. I prefer back hand straight shots or hyzer shots. I’m not great at anhyzer because I don’t have a good side arm, but I’m working on it.

What is the next course on your disc golf bucket list?

I’ve never played Flip City and would love to cross that off my bucket list.

What other hobbies do you have or what other sports do you participate in?

Where to start…I think my biggest accomplishment yet has been being a wife and a mom, but as an individual I love Basketball, Swing Dancing, Rock Climbing, and Road/Mountain Biking. Then for my artistic side I love drawing and painting and general crafty things. The adventurous side of me truly enjoys traveling. I’ve had the opportunity to go to 20+countries and love the diversity in the world.




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