Scott Leader

What is your best Disc Golf Memory?

I keep going back and forth between two moments. The first moment came during my first ever tournament round. I had only been playing disc golf for about three months and decided to play. About half way through the first round I somehow managed to throw a disc straight down a tunnel and right into the basket for my first ace ever. To this day half or more of my aces have come in tournaments. The second moment was probably my single best day of disc golf ever at the 2013 Peak One Open. I somehow managed to shoot back to back rounds rated 1014 and 1029. I managed to finish in second place in open behind the best rated player in the state of Colorado and beating two other 1000 rated players. Plus, the Peak One course is beautiful and one of my favorites.

 Why did you want to join Eagles Wings?

I am passionate about my relationship with God and I am passionate about disc golf. When I was first introduced to Dustin at the 2015 Memorial Disc Golf Championships in Arizona by JohnE and Jen McCray, I was already looking for a job in the disc golf world. After talking with Dustin and having many of the same ideas about reaching out to the disc golf community it became a nearly obvious decision to pursue working with Eagles Wings Disc Golf.

What is your favorite disc in your bag and why?

I putt with white Soft Swan 2’s. There is really nothing that feels better in my hand and there is no other disc in my bag that I know as well. I am sure that this disc has saved me more strokes on the course than any other disc.

What is your favorite shot to throw during a round and why?

I spent a lot of time learning as many different throws as possible. By far my favorite shot is a thumber. Other than putting, there is not a more accurate or a more versatile shot that is good in so many different situations. I have learned to throw it for distance and for approach shots. I will throw it when most people aren’t even thinking about it. It really is so much fun to watch fly through the air in its weird way.

What is the next course on your disc golf bucket list?

I may have given up trying to play as many new courses as possible. Though I am always looking to play the better courses. I think the next one that I want to play is the course used for Throw Down the Mountain in Florida. Who would have ever thought there was a mountain in Florida?

What other hobbies do you have or what other sports do you participate in?

I am blessed to live in Colorado which is great for many of the other outdoor activities. In the winter I like to ski as much as possible. I have been skiing since I was two years old. I also really enjoy hiking, camping and backpacking in the summer when I am not throwing a disc. I also happen to have a minor in film and enjoy watching movies. And I will almost never turn down playing a good board game.

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