FAQ's (Delco-Home School)

What is Push the Rock?

Push the Rock is a biblically based sports ministry. We share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the platform of sports. We desire to honor God above all else and teach Christian values in the world of sports. Our mission is to create an atmosphere where the message of Christ and excellence in athletics meet.

What is the cost of the class?

The cost of the class is $65.00 per session with discounts for additional children in the family.

How old does my child need to be to enroll in the class?

For the Delco District, the class offered is for boys’ and girls’ ages 6-10.

Does my child need any prior knowledge of the sports you are playing?

Your child does not need to know anything about sports to enroll! We teach the basics of the sports we play and adjust our classes to the level of our students.

Can I get a discount for siblings?

Yes. If you enroll two children, the class will cost $60.00 for your second child. If you enroll three children or more, the class will cost $55.00 for your third child and any additional children.

How many classes are in a session?

Each Session includes 6 classes. Each class will be 2 hours long and will include a weekly Chapel time.

Do you play all one sport or is it varied?

Each week, we will play a different sport. If your student does all four sessions they will do some of the more popular sports twice (i.e. soccer, basketball, flag football, etc.) Each session also includes a fitness workout and a team challenge day.

Is each session the same or does it change?

Each session is different. The exceptions are that we will do a fitness component each class and a team challenge day each session.


Where are your home school programs located?

The home school gym class in Delco is located at Liberti Church in Newtown Square.

Do you run other programs during the year?

Yes. We have camps in the summer as well as after school programs and clinics during the year.

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