US Internships

US Internships

Administrative Internship

Administrative interns will gain familiarity with the operations involving all aspects of sports ministry. Internships usually involve responsibility for a single or series of significant projects. Examples of projects that interns have undertaken in the past include marketing and administering fundraising projects (golf tournament, banquet), development of handbooks or policy guides, and analysis of sport and financial metrics. Administrative interns meet weekly with their mentor/supervisor and are exposed to a learning experience that is both broad-based and an ideal exposure to sports ministry.

Programs Internship

A programs internship gives you hands-on experience in each of our programs. It involves teaching and administering aspects of our home school and after school programs, which run during the school year. You would have an active role in organizing and carrying out various special programs held each year, such as tournaments, fund raisers, the USA Juniors Club Volleyball program, and other community events. You will get involved in the administrative side of the ministry, working through the various logistics of running a sports ministry, including experience in financial reporting, general day-to-day operations, and marketing.

Additionally, you would be assigned several major projects, including any required by your university. Programs interns also meet weekly with their mentor / supervisor.

Missions HQ Internship

The “Missions HQ” internship is based out of Push The Rock’s international headquarters in Emmaus, PA and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at sports ministry in the missions department. You would be involved in sending out short-term teams, writing spiritual curriculum for the trips, training programs, sports curriculum, trip preparation and communication prior to the teams heading out, communication with missionaries and church leaders overseas, administrative work to close out trips, etc.

Depending on your schedule, level of interest, and the trip schedules, we recommend that you join one of the short-term teams heading out. You would be an active member of the team but would also take on a leadership role. Your roles and responsibilities in the office before and after the trip would also reflect your being a member of this team.

Because camps are being run throughout the summer in close proximity to the international headquarters, we do allow you the option to serve as a coach at one or several of the camps. Many interns have found this to be a great way to enhance their experience here.

An integral part of this internship is also the weekly meeting with your supervisor.