Costa Rica Internships

Costa Rica Internships

If God is calling you to Latin America, you want to learn or use your Spanish, or you just want to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Costa Rica, then the internship in Costa Rica is for you. You would live with a Costa Rican family and be involved in the hands-on ministry that takes places in public school, orphanages, prisons, and detention centers. You would help write athletic and spiritual curriculum for each of the programs, but the bulk of your time would be with the young men and women in each location.

For example, three mornings a week you would be in the prisons working with a different group each day. This involves 60 minutes of training and then 20 minutes of Bible study with each group. These are young men and women who would otherwise NOT be able to be a part of a team because of poor decisions they have made in the past. Be a part of their renewal and regeneration process through basketball, soccer, and Biblical truth! You would spend a full day each week at a school running gym classes. You could spend time with as many as six different classes for 45-60 minutes each. It is amazing how open these schools are to us sharing devotionals as a part of the class period! One afternoon is spent at an orphanage that is home to 87 boys and girls. Although you would not have every one of those 87 kids in the program, you would be making a difference in the life of quite a few of them.

We are also involved in the Los Chiles region in the northern part of the country near Nicaragua. You would spend some time on a farm with a partnering organization. This organization encourages fledgling village churches in an area that is entirely neglected by society. The married couple on the farm often takes in young kids who have been cast off by their families and provides a place to live, schooling, and the opportunity to learn a trade. From time to time we run programs in conjunction with La Fundacion Resplandecer! When that happens you would be an integral part of what happens on the farm.

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Availability: any time of year