Eagles Wings Internships

Eagles Wings Disc Golf Internships

Eagles Wings Disc Golf, a ministry of Push The Rock, works with missionaries around the world to introduce the sport and to install disc golf courses.  These initiatives have been met with great enthusiasm and we are looking to provided additional assistance in using disc golf as a ministry platform by providing international disc golf internships.  Currently, we are offering internships in Macha, Zambia and San Jose, Costa Rica, and we look forward to adding additional opportunities in 2021.

You can read more about what an internship in Costa Rica looks like by clicking HERE.

You can read more about what an internship in Zambia looks like by clicking HERE.

Our disc golf specific internships will focus specifically on helping the Push The Rock missionaries incorporate disc golf into the existing ministry structure.  This will include things such as providing teaching and training in the sport, assisting with course maintenance, and introducing programs such as tag leagues, doubles, and tournaments.  In addition to helping develop the disc golf ministry, you will also have the opportunity to participate and assist with the other ministries Push The Rock is heading up in the country.

If you have a passion for the sport of disc golf and want to help us continue to share the love of Christ through this platform we would love to talk.  To apply, click the button below.

To learn more about what is going on in Costa Rica, click HERE.

To learn more about what is going on in Zambia, click HERE.

Availability: any time of year

“Spending three months in Zambia teaching disc golf and doing ministry has been one of the most challenging and incredible things that I have ever experienced. From the staff to the kids, I have been able to build relationships with the people of Zambia by teaching the game of disc golf. While I have been the one teaching disc golf, I have also been learning a lot. Through this experience, I have learned so much about the Lord, myself, and the world around me. The lessons that I have learned, friends that I have made, and fun that I have had in Zambia will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

Esther Schultz