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Due to not being able to hold in-person camps in 2020, our North America Team was grateful for the opportunity to hold two weeks of Virtual All-Sports Camp. Virtual programming had never been done in Push The Rock before this, so our team was grateful for God providing the opportunity to open up this new door for ministry! Below are some stats from the virtual camps along with a testimonial from the Schwenk family, to the right, whose children participated in both weeks.


  • 32 kids total attending two weeks of camp
  • 24 videos produced and loaded on a private Vimeo account for daily access to the basketball and soccer drills, sportsmanship thoughts of the day, and more.
  • 466 pictures and video clips sent to us on Facebook and email showing the kids doing the daily sports drills or commenting on the daily sportsmanship thought to earn points for their team.  Coaches spent late hours commenting on their form and effort!
  • 3, LIVELY, Team Time sessions on Zoom each week, including daily themes like crazy hat & crazy mustache day and breakout sessions for teams to talk about the daily sportsmanship thought & Bible passage with their coach.
  • 9 kids who signed  Play for Christ “contracts” for this upcoming year!
  • Immeasurable learning about video production & communication technology, and effective online communication with young people!



Food Distribution

Due to our after-school program being shut down, and many people losing jobs, we switched gears and started doing food distribution to families associated with our program. We have given food out monthly since April to provide support and help to 35 families.

Short-Term Trips

We are currently planning short term trip outreaches this summer to two cross-cultural ministry opportunities here in the US. To facilitate this, we are partnering with Clarkstown International Bible Church in Clarkston, Georgia and with Hidden Springs Mission in Hidden Springs, Arizona.  Both partnerships will allow Push The Rock the opportunity to minister to international communities here in the US.  This is exciting as both are first time developments for Push The Rock that have developed since the quarantine began in March.  What’s also exciting is that we are also in conversations with an potential partner in Colorado to serve alongside their work with the Navajo nation.

eSports & Game Community

We have been seeking to create a ministry to the eSorts and video game community.  God has helped us to pull together a diverse and incredibly gifted group of individuals who are serving as our eSports concept team where we are currently processing a myriad of options and are excited about the possibilities to bring meaning and value to a under reached community. For now, we’re calling this new ministry concept Push The Rock eSports where our vision is to create a video gaming community rooted in a biblical worldview where players develop meaningful relationships and improve their gameplay.  Our purpose for the ministry is to foster the spiritual growth of video game players by leveraging the immense popularity of video games through creating diverse opportunities to learn, fellowship, play, and compete in eSports.  Lord willing, our first event will be held in mid January.

First Ever Esports Event – 1/16/2021

The tournament was very well received and it went off without a glitch. With Rocket League as the focus game, we spent time developing skills, scrimmaging, and then playing two tournaments.  Prior to the scrimmages and the tournament, the coaches talked about various in-game strategies and ways to be a more productive teammate.  The coaches also spent one-on-one time with each of the players, guiding them in the development of their individual skills on offense, defense, in the air, and on the wall.  The event included dinner and also a devotional from a gamer who is from our partner church which hosted the event.  We were even able to broadcast the tournament via Push The Rock’s very own Twitch stream! Want to Receive More Info?
Email or you can reach Brendan O’Brien at R52_mcs#0330 on Discord.

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