Stronghold Camp

This half-day camp is generously sponsored by Grace Bible Church. Each day campers will learn the Stronghold foam battle sport, play games to practice their new skills, and take part in Bible study with their age group. This year we have two classes sorted by age so that we can have maximum fun and safety.

You may sign up your camper/s for one of the following tracks for the week.

Archery Track 

Stronghold archery classes will be offered to campers ages 8 to 15.

Archery tag is a game similar to dodgeball only with foam arrows. At this half-day camp, campers will learn to safely use a recurve bow and play this unique sport.

Sword  Track 

The other option at this Stronghold camp is foam sword fighting for ages 10 to 15.

This sport involves foam swords, rules, skills, and strategies. During the week we will teach campers the basics of how to use a short sword and shield, and play various fun battle games.

July 18-22Catawissa, PA9:00am-12:00pm$40
2022 Push The Rock Covid-19 Mask Policy

As of now, masks will NOT be required whether inside or outside for staff or campers. If you would prefer to have your child(ren) wear a mask, please have them do so.


Grace Bible Church
209 McIntyre Rd.,
Catawissa, PA 17820


If you are unable to register online, please contact Push The Rock/Stronghold Foam Sword Fighting Ministries at 570-497-9617 or Stephen Ippolito at

*Note- There is an option in registration where you can give an additional donation. This goes towards Stephen Ippolito (Sir Estivan’s) missionary support. Stephen works year round organizing and directing Stronghold camps and clubs. Every bit you give helps this ministry to grow and enables Stephen to encourage youth to follow Christ.


Campers must wear sneakers and bring their own water bottle each day. We also recommend bug spray and sun screen campers.

Sample of a Stronghold Camp Day:

9:00- Campers Arrive

9:15- Welcome and Devotions

9:30- Campers go to their pre-selected tracks where they learn skills and practice drill with their coaches.

10:00 – All camp gathering water break

10:15 – Campers go into with their Bible study groups

11:00 –  Campers gather together for group battle games where they honorably practice the skills they have been learning that day and have fun

11:45 – Camp gathers for a Daily Recap and Prayer

12:00 – Parents sign out and pick up Campers


We currently have masking optional for staff and campers at this camp.  This can be subject to change in the future if there is an increase in cases and changes in camp safety recommendations. If you register and we have changes to our policy we will email you the updates.


Catawissa, PA