Home School Phys-Ed

Thank you for a great year of classes!

On behalf of all of Push The Rock, we want to thank you for being a part of another year of Home School Phys-Ed! Having the opportunity to work with your child(ren) each week is such a blessing for our staff and we would not be able to do what we do without each of you!

We are very grateful for the ability and platform to be able to provide home school families, local to these areas, a program that incorporates both athletic and biblical instruction. Be on the lookout for dates and info for next year’s classes throughout BuxMont and the Lehigh Valley.

If you have any questions leading up to next year’s classes please email:

Mitch Thomas at mthomas@pushtherock.org (BuxMont District)

Emily Shuman at eshuman@pushtherock.org (Lehigh Valley District)

Thank you again for your support of the Push The Rock Ministry!