Gap Year

It’s Not a Year Off. It’s a Year Through.

Many students feel a great deal of pressure to make life-changing decisions as seniors in high school. Do you feel like you’re being asked by the culture or well-meaning adults to know your entire career and relational path for the rest of your life? As college decisions have gotten more difficult and college tuition more expensive, many students have made the wise decision to take a “Gap Year” between graduating high school and attending college. You may hear some call it a “Bridge Year”. (Still others take a year between years during their college careers for the same reason. If you’d like more information on Gap Year, check out the American Gap Association.)

In generations past, the “Gap Year” was reserved for the rich to travel the world on their parents’ American Express card. Today, it is a valuable tool in discovering who you are in Christ, how God has gifted you, and to listen carefully to how God is calling you forward in life, education, career, and ministry.

Push The Rock’s Gap Year program is an adventure in sports ministry. Most Gap Year participants travel to and work in one of our international offices. Others spend an entire year at our headquarters. Our Gap Year program is diving for quarters at the bottom of the deep end of ministry.

Click below to read about different Gap Year opportunities. When you’re ready, we look forward to receiving your application.

Costa Rica Gap Year
USA Gap Year
Comprehensive Gap Year

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