International Internships

As you know, internships are valuable for a whole host of reasons. Unlike short-term trips, you get to go and invest for a longer period of time. You do not have to leave after 1-2 weeks. You can stay and build relationships as you put down roots for an “extended” period of time. Like short-term trips, internships can change the course of your life. You may come to Push The Rock wanting to find out about the inner workings of a sports ministry in the home office, or to serve in one of our international offices, all for a short period of time, only to find out that this is where God is calling you to invest your life.

The opportunity for you to grow, to learn, to be stretched, to be challenged, and to be discipled exists in each of these internships. We can help you find the internship that is right for you.

These internships can happen anytime throughout the year, in a variety of locations and for any length of time.

For example …

  • 4 weeks
  • 6 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • Semester
  • Gap Year

We can work with your schedule to provide a beneficial experience for you, your university, and Push The Rock.  The months of May through August constitute our busiest “Missions” season with the bulk of our short-term teams headed out then, but there is ministry going on year-round here in the US as well as through our international offices.

The various internships are outlined below. Each internship involves different primary and secondary responsibilities, but each includes the opportunity to raise support as a missionary for compensation.  The monies that are raised for your internship cover everything, including airfare, lodging, food, transportation, international insurance, and visas. A link to apply for an internship can be found at the end of each internship description.

USA (Headquarters)

This internship is based out of the Push The Rock home office in Emmaus, PA. If you want a behind-the-scenes look at what sports ministry is like for sending short-term teams out and working with our international offices, this internship is for you. It involves working on various Missions related projects, including: the spiritual curriculum for trips, training programs for short-term teams, sports curriculum for overseas camps and clinics, trip preparation and communication prior to the teams heading out, communication with missionaries and church leaders overseas, administrative work to close out trips, etc.

Depending on your schedule, level of interest, and the trip schedules, we recommend that you join one of the short-term teams heading out. You would be an active member of the team but your responsibilities would also include taking on a leadership role on the trip. Your roles and responsibilities in the office before and after the trip would also reflect your being a member of this team. Being a part of one of these short-term needs is not mandatory, just strongly encouraged, so that you can be a part of both the prep work for a trip as well as the trip itself.

Availability: any time of year


If God is calling you to Latin America, you want to learn or use your Spanish, or you just want to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Costa Rica, then the internship in Costa Rica is for you. You would live with a Costa Rican family and be involved in the hands-on ministry that takes places in public school, orphanages, prisons, and detention centers. You would help write athletic and spiritual curriculum for each of the programs, but the bulk of your time would be with the young men and women in each location.

For example, three mornings a week you would be in the prisons working with a different group each day. This involves 60 minutes of training and then 20 minutes of Bible study with each group. These are young men and women who would otherwise NOT be able to be a part of a team because of poor decisions they have made in the past. Be a part of their renewal and regeneration process through basketball, soccer, and Biblical truth! You would spend a full day each week at a school running gym classes. You could spend time with as many as six different classes for 45-60 minutes each. It is amazing how open these schools are to us sharing devotionals as a part of the class period! One afternoon is spent at an orphanage that is home to 87 boys and girls. Although you would not have every one of those 87 kids in the program, you would be making a difference in the life of quite a few of them.

We are also involved in the Los Chiles region in the northern part of the country near Nicaragua. You would spend some time on a farm with a partnering organization. This organization encourages fledgling village churches in an area that is entirely neglected by society. The married couple on the farm often takes in young kids who have been cast off by their families and provides a place to live, schooling, and the opportunity to learn a trade. From time to time we run programs in conjunction with La Fundacion Resplandecer! When that happens you would be an integral part of what happens on the farm.

To learn more about what is going on in Costa Rica, click HERE.

Availability: any time of year


Behind the magnificent historic sites, mouth-watering food, passion for sports, and a strong sense of family is a group of people in desperate need of the Lord. Push The Rock has been in Italy since 2007 working in the regions around Venice and Bologna. Our main emphasis has been basketball ministry as these two areas are basketball hot spots.

Each year we feel more a part of the culture than the previous year. It has been slow going getting to know people and vice versa. We are finally making some headway as things are starting to take off. Families have been pining for year-round “spiritual” programs for their kids, but have only recently requested in-home Bible studies from our church partners. Families are also much more willing to invite us into their homes and into their lives. We have even seen a few families start coming to church. In some places these things happen right away. In Italy, it takes time. Serving in Italy you would reap the benefits of years of building relationships and building credibility for the Gospel in Imola and Mestre.

It is still our long-term desire to start a Christian basketball club that would provide basketball instruction for kids of all ages. This club would also provide an environment where sportsmanship, character, and Christian values are of utmost importance. We have not been able to do this because we do not have a full-time PTR person in Italy, however, the week long clinics we run in the summer and the clinics we run in the spring are helping to build towards that basketball club we hope to one day open.

Your internship in Italy can happen at any point during the year, although summer tends to be the most ideal time because kids are out of school. Either way, your time in Italy would be multi-faceted but would include running programs for kids, getting to know kids at the local parks, developing other opportunities for meeting up and getting to know locals where you live. A key component of your time would be developing ways to get to know kids and their families. As an extension of the local church, you would be working closely with the believers there to connect the community to the church. Because Push The Rock is involved in Imola and Mestre your internship would include time spent in both locations.

You would live with a family in ministry and experience first-hand the highs and lows of ministry. You would ride public transportation with virtually everyone else in the city. You would rub shoulders with plenty of people daily who have a need for Christ. Come be a part of what God is doing in Mestre (Venice) and Imola (Bologna). Invest in the lives of these kids and in their families. Get a feel for what ministry is like in Europe, but get on board with what God is doing and how He is moving in Italy!

Availability: any time of year


Two options:

(1) For many people, the Canary Islands of Spain are a vacation destination. Beaches? Check. Blue waters? Check. Volcano? Check. Passionate about sports? Check. In desperate need of the Gospel? Check. Check.

Push The Rock has been partnering with churches on the island of Tenerife since 2009. They have a tremendous heart for their communities and have outreach teams come throughout the year to help with special events. We have been involved in the sports ministry that has happened, which has opened up many doors into the hearts and lives of Canarians. We have worked with various basketball clubs to provide more than just excellent athletic instruction. We have provided a Christian focus that is foreign to many.

Come to the beautiful island of Tenerife. Enjoy the breath-taking beauty. Hike the volcano. Hit the beach. Most importantly, invest in God’s work there. The majority of your time will be spent building relationships. That happens in more formal settings, but it most often happens informally … getting together over a meal, shooting hoops at the gym or park, hanging out downtown. Because we send a team to Tenerife each summer, you would also help coordinate logistics for those two weeks, help run the clinics while the team is there, and then focus on follow up with campers and their families once the team leaves. As an extension of the local body of believers there, you would also be a part of other outreach events put on in the communities.

Two critical components to serving as an intern in Tenerife: conversational Spanish and being a “self-starter.” These will be important as you work with the basketball clubs, in schools, and in the community. God is doing some really great stuff in Tenerife. Is He calling you to be a part of it?

Availability: any time of year


(2) The capital city of Madrid is like most other capital cities around the world … busy, modern, full of people, and in need of Christ. It also consists of many bedroom communities that cater to the larger city. Push The Rock has been running summer clinics in Arroyomolinos the past two years and doors have recently opened in adjacent communities.

Spend time getting to know the kids during the week long clinics when teams from the US come in, but spend the majority of your time outside of those weeks building relationships, connecting with kids in the community, and investing in the community through other activities and programs that you will organize and run.

You will quickly learn that although Spain is very Western, it is very post-modern. It is not very welcoming to the Gospel, but you will find warm and inviting people there who want to experience Christ’s love through you (they just may not know it yet)!

Availability: summer


Dreaming of an “African adventure?”  Looking for a unique opportunity to use your God-given passions and abilities to serve somewhere?  Hoping to fulfill a college requirement?  If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of those questions, then READ ON.

As an intern with PTR Zambia, you will be a key part of our ongoing ministry in Macha. It’s a very rural place, but you will have internet, running water, and electric … most of the time!  You will quickly learn the necessity of being flexible as well as the importance of having good walking shoes, as you will walk everywhere.

You will help us run our various programs and activities.  You will help our missionaries in the day-to-day tasks of what it takes to run a full-time ministry.  You will have plenty of opportunity to use sports to build relationships with children, and others, and share with them your testimony of Christ’s love.  Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience that will not only meet your educational requirements but also stretch your comfort zone and help grow your faith while challenging your perspectives on life as a follower of Christ.

While here you will experience the hospitality and warmth of the Zambian people.  This is a very relational culture, so be ready to build and maintain friendships!

To read more about what the Lord is doing in Zambia with PTR, click HERE.

Availability: any time of year

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