Costa Rica Team Preparing To Go July 28, 2010

It is hard to believe that the end of summer is quickly approaching. Our fifth and final missions team is headed out July 31 to Costa Rica. There will be 13 people on the team, including Anne as the team leader, the coach, two other adults and 9 young ladies.

We are excited about what the Lord has in store for them as they share the life-changing message of the Gospel through soccer with kids in a number of different schools, foster homes and churches. Please be praying for the team as it prepares for departure on July 31. The team will be returning August 8.

We look forward to furthering the partnership we have with churches and organizations throughout Costa Rica as we partner together to impact the world for Jesus Christ … One life at a time!

Thanks in advance for praying and for standing with us in ministry. We are confident there will be some challenges, but we are excited to see how the Lord is going to use them to draw people unto Himself and to mold people into the men and women He wants them to be!

Be sure to check here for regular updates throughout the trip.

Czech Republic team home!

Sunday evening at 10:30 pm we arrived safely home after a great week of ministry in Prague.  Thank you for all your prayers for our team over the past week! 
As we reflect back on our time, we are grateful for the opportunities we had to share God’s love with the kids in Prague.  We hope and pray that the seeds planted will continue to be watered by those missionaries and nationals who remain. 
We spoke to many parents who were grateful for the week of camp.  Each of them and the kids spoke of our return in 2011.  We will see how the Lord leads over the next weeks and months.

Czech Republic Update #5

The last day of camp brings many emotions.  As coaches we spent the week tirelessly pouring our lives into these young men.  We wanted them to understand the  importance of putting their trust in God through His son Jesus.  While we spent time teaching sports, we made sure they understood that it was our #1 priority that they know that God loves and cares so much for each of them. It was certainly a hot day here, which of course tests your stamina, but we were able to finish strong … praise God!

We are sad to say goodbye to these kids whom have made an impact on our lives as well.

Tomorrow we will help the Davies move boxes and whatever else we can do to help them move their items into storage. After that we will head to a castle and do some sightseeing before returning to downtown Prague Saturday night for dinner. We fly out on Sunday.

Thanks again for continuing to pray with us.  To God be all the glory!

Scott for the team

Czech Republic Update #4

Going to camp today brought several areas of concern.  The fourth day of camp can sometimes be a challenge.  Kids are tired and are in need of the unexpected, so we as staff need to bring a high level of energy and excitement.  This happened in several ways today. Thankfully, the Lord blessed us with cloud cover and slightly cooler
temperatures. Yeah!  Also today Petrie, a church leader at CB Skalka, shared his testimoney.  The kids need to hear from someone they can relate to.  They also heard from Kyle, coach Mark’s son.  He shared a great testimony and was able to relate to them as a peer.

It’s hard to imagine that we only have one day of camp left.  At our Team Time (devos) tonight, we prayed that God would use us to plant a seed, or water a seed, or if He chooses, to harvest one. Either way we pray that all we say and do will bring honor to His name.

Thanks for praying.

Scott for the team

Czech Republic update #3

We just finished the third day of baseball and all sports camp.

The hot sun returned once again but that did not keep us from having a great day!

The past two days have been spent on teaching them the fundmentals so today we played some actual games.  They were exciting and competitive. In the afternoon at the all sports camp we were able to have some good conversations with a few of the campers after coach Scott shared his testimony.  Please continue to pray as we challenge these kids to know God and have a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ, which is our focus. Also, pray that we get rest today as the days have been long and exhausting. The team is doing great and is looking forward to another great day on Thursday!

Thanks for praying!

Scott for the team

Final Spain Update July 14, 2010

I want to express our gratitude and thanks for all the prayers that were lifted up on behalf of the Spain team and the work God is doing in Tenerife. It was amazing to see the ways in which God worked in and through us and a privilege to serve alongside the church in Tenerife. Our final day there, the church held a big goodbye dinner for the team. It was a great time to eat, laugh and wrap up the two weeks together. But the best part of the night was when four people from the camp (two coaches and two campers) showed up at the church to say goodbye. It may seem like no big deal, but for them to walk through the doors of an evangelical church, even for just a party, is a huge connection for the church in gaining trust with these individuals and credibility for the church in the community. We will continue to pray for the work that these missionaries and this church is doing to reach the people of Tenerife with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although Tenerife is a beautiful location and a coveted vacation spot, hearts are still hard and lives are still lost without the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the love He has for them. The team is back home with many stories and memories to tell, but the church is still there faithfully and diligently working to get the Gospel message out and to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Anne Walker

Czech Republic update #2

News from Prague …

This morning at camp we had a break from the hot sun with some overcast skies and even a short drizzle. It didn’t last long but we enjoyed it while it lasted. The boys are enjoying baseball and are hopefully learning some too.  But above all, we pray that our actions and words are helping them understand how great our God is and how much He loves them.

In the afternoon sports camp we played 4v4 soccer, cone soccer, World Cup and 11v11 … we had lots of fun.  The sun and the heat did return for the afternoon.

Most of the kids do not know much about God, let alone that He wants to have a personal relationship with us through His Son Jesus. Pray that these kids will hear and see it in us.

Tonight we went to an international baseball classic game that is being held here.  We watched Russia vs the Czech Republic. Some of the kids from camp showed up as well.

We are all doing well serving here in the Czech Republic, so thanks for praying.

Scott for the team

Spain Update #13 7.9.10

Friday, 7.9.10

Most of the time we say, “Thank God it’s Friday!”  But today, we said, “Oh my goodness, can you believe it’s Friday?”  The days are long, but the weeks go fast as we continue to do what the Lord has asked us to do.  Today that was the case as the morning looked a little bit different than Monday-Thursday.  The Hotel camp was on in the morning so 4 of us went there to finish up our part of the camp.  It was hard to say good bye to the kids as we had grown close to them.  Many of the coaches commented about how they didn’t expect to get so close to kid so soon who don’t speak the same language as they do.  Nevertheless, it was a good morning and the kids were sad to see us go.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I mean the church, the rest of us were busy painting, preparing materials for the afternoon, and being helpful where ever needed.  The kids that we would normally be with in the morning at the La Victoria gym were all together and on an outing, thus not needing our services.  Once the groups finished, the group working at the church headed to the Hotel where we were having camp.  To show his gratefulness to us, the hotel director provided lunch for all 15 of us and allowed us to use the hotel pool.  It was such a blessing to be treated this way.  The afternoon camp went well, too.  We took a bit more time and played longer games with the kids.  They enjoyed the stations and also being able to play more.  At the end of camp, we were able to share the Gospel with the kids and hand out New Testaments to the kids at camps.  Each of the Bibles had a hand written message in Spanish and before we gave them out, we each got to sign a few of the Bibles.  It was an emotional time as we ended camp and said our good-byes.  As is the international sports tradition, some of our coaches traded team jerseys and t-shirts with the campers.  It was neat to see the Americans wearing Spanish jerseys and the Spanish kids wearing our PTR jerseys.  Guys we played against in Puerto Cruz and La Victoria were invited to a friendly pick-up game after camp.  About 5 showed up and along with the PTR coaches and the church members, we played a fun pick-up game.  It was neat to be able to play with people we had seen and talked with (and also played against).  It was a time that built relationships that the Lord could use for the future.  For those who did not want to watch or play, a shopping trip was organized.  Once the group was reunited after the game and the shopping, we headed up the mountain for a traditional Canarian meal at a local restaurant, part of which extended into the local vineyard where the grape vines grew up and overhead, making for a thick wall and roof.  Different kinds of pork and traditional sides were served and all enjoyed the food and fellowship.  With full bellies, we headed back down the mountain to our beds for the evening, another great day under our belts.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

Czech Republic – Update #1

We arrived safely Saturday after a long night of traveling, but we are grateful that we and our luggage made it safely.

Sunday we worshipped with the CB Skalka church and Mark had the privilege of preaching the Word. After a quick lunch at a Chinese restaurant (by the way – that’s a joke) we headed to a school to warm up and play some baseball. It was hot but great to get out and play. After getting showers we headed downtown for dinner and some sightseeing. In Old Towns Square we were greeted by thousands of cheering soccer fans as they were broadcasting the World Cup on jumbo trons.

Today, Monday, we just finished our first day of camp. We had about 43 kids in baseball camp this morning.  It was good to see some kids return from last year and a bunch of new ones. It was an extremely hot day, near 100 degrees, but we had a great time. Several parents stayed and watched as we ran their kids through various stations.

We have the privilege of partnering with Larry and Michele Davies and the CB Skalka church.  Three of their members serve as translators. In the afternoon we have over 25 kids.  Today we played many different
games of dodgeball and kickball.

Pray that we get rest tonight and drink  plenty of fluids.

Thanks for praying!

Scott for the team