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Costa Rica update 1/10/11

It is hard to believe the trip is over! However, it was a great trip and we praise the Lord for all that He accomplished through our time in Costa Rica! We are also grateful to Him for bringing us home safely. It was an early morning yesterday as we got up, loaded up, ate breakfast and then were at the airport by 6 am. We all made it to Atlanta safely, but then split up into 3 groups for the trek home. We are just thankful that the winter storm Atlanta was expecting did not hit before we departed. Of course, we only had enough time to get lunch to go as one of the groups only had 20 minutes to get to the gate to board the flight home.

Thankfully, we all made it home safely. Tired from a long trip, people should be able to sleep well. Having said that, most people were either heading back to class or work this morning. So please be praying for the team members as they do not have much time to recover before hitting the ground running. As I mentioned, most headed right back to class, several of us came to work today and then one is heading to Spain for the semester last this week.

We are truly grateful for all of you who prayed for us and financially supported us to make the trip a reality. We trust that the Lord used us to impact lives for Him over these last 11 days, but we hope that will only continue as we live for Him at home. But I know for a fact that we were impacted as well. We were impacted by each other and by our ministry partners. One of the main churches we worked with was a tremendous blessing to us! There were 5 people from the church that spent virtually every waking hour with us, and several of them took off of work to make it happen. It is such an encouragement to be a part of God’s work around the world and serve alongside those from other cultures and languages who serve the same Lord and Savior!

Please be praying for the seeds that were planted and watered. We leave it in the Lord’s hands. Until next … !Hasta luego!

Home School News

This year in our home school class we have challenged our students with some take home fitness goals that are to be logged and completed each week. In addition to the fitness goals, the students are also required to memorize scripture verses each week that are related to our chapel discussions. The challenge is not meant to be easy but rather it is meant to encourage our students to push beyond the normal and pursue excellence both in their physical and spiritual fitness. Congratulations to the following fitness challenge winners:

Level 1:

Hayden Kuhns

Level 2:

Daniel Goonewardene

Ethan Goonewardene

Kyle Musser

These students are now ready to move on to the next level fitness challenge as they continuing persevering toward excellence!

Costa Rica update 1/9/11

Hard to believe the trip is coming to a close. After months of preparations, we close out our time here. It is always so bittersweet! Praise the Lord for a fantastic time of ministry!

Today we were up early again to get breakfast by 6:30 am and then be on the road by 7 am. It was a 1.5 hour drive through the mountains to a University, where the ladies played their games at 9 am and the guys played afterwards at 11 am. It was a blast to play with the other teams and to share with them our love for the Lord. The team members have done a great job of sharing a bit about God’s work in their lives at the clinics and games. Today was no different.

After the games we went to a restaurant up on the mountainside to enjoy the typical “casado” dish, consisting of a meat (chicken, pork or beef), rice, salad, black beans and plantains. It does not get much better than that! We went from lunch straight to the center of Costa Rica where we shopped for 1.5 hours. Many people are uncomfortable with bartering but it is an art that several team members picked up quickly and well.

From the local market we went to a sports store where the team cleaned house on soccer jerseys and shorts. They purchased items from the two main teams in the area and have been proudly wearing their new purchases with great pride tonight. From the sports store we went to the mall for dinner. It was great to have the food court there, giving the team a chance to actually choose what they wanted for dinner. After dinner we headed home, but enjoyed a pit stop at a grocery store where everyone purchased the coffee they needed. We are keeping the coffee farmers in business these days!

Once we got home we had our debriefing session. It is always a blast to reflect over our time here and praise the Lord for all that has done and for all that He is doing! As usual, it is another late night and since we need to be up in 2 hours to get ready for the airport, it is time to sign off. Several people are still up getting ready to leave tomorrow morning at 5 am.

Thank you again for praying for us and for following our trip from the comforts of your own homes:). We would appreciate your prayers for our travel time as we all head our separate ways tomorrow. May we have an opportunity to share Christ on the plane or in the airports tomorrow.

May the Lord receive all the glory and honor!

Costa Rica update 1/8/11

Buenos dias! It is our last day here. In 3 minutes we are headed out to our matches 1.5 hours away. It has been a great trip and we are looking forward to our last day in Costa Rica. Please be praying that we finish well today. We will have matches for both teams, lunch at a restaurant, shopping around town and then dinner and Team Time this evening.

Thanks for praying. More later!

Costa Rica update 1/6/11 #2

It was another full day today. We have experienced so much rain the past few days that it was also nice to be able to enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, some of us enjoyed it a little too much. Our rose cheeks and Rudolp-esque noses tell the story. Not to mention the backs of the legs. Nonetheless, we had a great 2 1/2 hours this morning with the kids from a foster home. Normally filled with the voices of 120+ kids, all but 12 were gone for the holidays. These 12 did not have any family to spend the holidays with so they spent it with each other. It was great to be able to spend some time with, playing volleyball, sharing the story of God’s work in our lives and sharing how God loves them and wants to be a part of their lives as well … a Heavenly Father who will always be there, especially when an earthly father cannot.

By the time we made the 1:15 trek back to our house we were very hungry. Breakfast is at 7 am, so by the time 1 pm roles around, it is time to eat! We had a fantastic fish lunch and then headed off to play some friendly volleyball matches. The ladies picked up a player to round out their team and then the guys followed up with a match of their own. It was just a great environment there with the open gym and both each team really getting after it. We concluded the night with both teams sharing testimonies with the other players. You never know whether you are planting, watering or cultivating, but we do know we are to be faithful.

Once we got home it was time for dinner. Again, an 8 pm dinner makes for a long day. But we were blessed again with some great food and then had Team Time before finally heading off to bed. Tomorrow will be another great day with a clinic in the morning and matches in the afternoon and evening.

Thanks for praying for us! We sincerely appreciate your partnership in ministry! Please pray that we would finish strong as we are down to our last 2 full days here in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica update 1/6/11

We are back “home” in San Jose after a brief hiatus in the northern part of the country. It was a tremendous team-building experience and some wonderful opportunities for ministry. We stayed at a farm up near the Nicaraguan border and ran daily clinics in surrounding villages. One has to travel a good ways to hit the next town, so we were on the road quite a bit in between clinics.

It rained much more than was expected, so that created some challenges for our bus. But we were able to get where we needed to go each day and we thank the Lord for providing in that way. The farm we stayed at had beds for most of the team while the rest of us slept outside in tents and hammocks under a large tin roof … with the rain, it was a majestic sound!

On Tuesday we spend the day clearing out a large forested area of the farm that will eventually be used for crops and cattle. Some of the team also spent the day digging post holes for a future fence. It was a nice break from the volleyball but also allowed us to serve side by side in other ways. It was hot and rainy at the same time, but it was a blast nonetheless.

We were invited to play a friendly soccer game against a local team, which we did Tuesday afternoon. We were beat from the day but were able to muster up enough energy to play two 30-minute halves. We really did have a great time!

Yesterday (Wednesday) we stopped in La Fortuna where the active volcano is (Arenal) and spent the morning on a canopy tour and the afternoon at a Hot Springs hotel. The canopy tour was incredible even though it rained the entire time. Ziplining through the trees sometimes 300+ above the ground is unbelievable!!! At the base of the volcano this hotel provided 25 different hot spring pools ranging in temperature from 72 – 152 degrees. Yes, some of the team members hopped into (and then quickly out of) the 152 degree pool. We made our trek home through an intense fog and arrived safely back in San Jose last night.

Praise the Lord for a fantastic 5 days! Thanks so much for praying for us! We are in San Jose today with a volleyball clinic this morning and a friendly match tonight.

Costa Rica update 1/1/11


What a New Year’s Eve party!!! We arrived at the church at 7:15 pm and stayed until 1 am. It was a full night! If I were to describe it, I would say that it was a “worship service.” We spent a good 60 minutes in worship through songs, 60 minutes in a challenge from the Pastor about being a new Creation, 45 minutes in special music, 2 hours with a formal dinner (awesome food … que rica!!!), a time of prayer and for Holy Communion and then some time to watch the crazy fireworks outside. All in all, it was a full night. It was a tremendous blessing to bring in the new year with our brothers and sisters in the Lord here!

After a good night’s rest we got up, had breakfast and Team Time and are currently packing for our 6-hour bus ride to northern Costa Rica on the border with Nicaragua. We will be there until Wednesday night running volleyball clinics and doing some service projects.

Thanks for praying for us! We would appreciate prayer for our long journey and then our time up north. Next update will not be coming until Wednesday night at the earliest. Sorry, but thanks for understanding and for praying:). Enjoy this first day of 2011!