Prague Friday

Well its Friday evening, which means that the week of camp has come to an end.  It is a bitter-sweet feeling.  We are certainly realizing that this may be the last time we see these kids.  Our prayer for them is that they come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

Baseball camp ended with us playing two games this morning.  All of the games went really well.  Coach Larrymo, shared a story about King Solomon and all that he ahd, and when it came to the end of his life, what did he have that mattered?  He challenged these kids to find God and to come to know His Son, Jesus Christ.  We asked the parents to come and several did, so there was some interaction with them to. 

Aftercamp, signing autographs has become a tradition, not sure whose was the most valuable, maybe Coach Matt or Spencer.  Then we ate a qiuck lunch and got ready for the afternoon all sports camp.  This afternoon was campers choice – they could select what games we should do.  We played Dodgeball (of course), cone soccer, World Cup, Steal the Bacon and some other fun games.

Tonight (fri) we deflate all the balls, and pack up the ministry bags to prepare to come home.  Tomorrow (sat) we are headed to tour a castle.  So we are looking forward to a day of sightseeing, before returning home to the states.

Thanks for following along on our journey, please continue to pray for our safety as we travel.

Scott for the team.

Prague #3

It is hard to believe that we just completed our fourth day of camp.  It goes way too fast. 

We started out the day by wondering what the fileds would be like, since we had a tremendous thunderstorm go through the area Wednesday night.  Two of the fields in the complex were under water, but thankfully the other two, which we use, drained really well.

Baseball camp went well this morning.  Many of the kids are improving, which is great to see.  Hopefully they are understanding more about what we are trying to teach them as it relates to God’s love for them.  The games went well today.  Only one slight injury as Pavel took a line drive to his cheek, he will have a “shiner” for sure tomorrow. 

All Sports was a fun afternoon of clothes pin tag, steal the bacon, Jedi tag, followed by ultimate frisbee.  Lots of excitement.

The coaches competitions are always a highlight.  This morning it was a hitting for accuracy competition between Coach Larry, Jeff, and Dave.  Coach Jeff edged out Coach Dave.

This afternoon it was Coach Matt vs. Coach Spencer in the puddle jump competition.  One of the baseball fields that was under water was the location for this great event.  There were 5 different sized “puddles” throughout the infield that they had to jump over.  Coach Matt won, and Coach Spencer ended up soggy 🙂  Of course, the losing team always has to do jumping jacks, or situps, or pushups.

Our camps end tomorrow, which is bitter sweet.  We really have a desire for these kids to understand more about the Creator God of Heaven who sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to this earth to pay the ultimate sacrifice on the cross.  We pray that one day they too will have a personal relationship with Him.

Pray that we finish strong!

Coach Scott for the team.

Prague #2

Well, its Tuesday evening about 11 pm.  The first two days of camp have come and gone.  We have been having a great time with the kids.  Each day they have been energetic and excited to be at camp.  We too have been equally excited, in fact, maybe even more.  We continue to stress to them our desire for them to come to a personal understanding of who Jesus Christ is … the One that we serve and the One that we have traveled over 3,000 miles to share with them.  Pray with us that God will work in mighty ways this week.

Monday at camp was exceptional weather, partly cloudy, partly sunny.  A cool refreshing breeze helped keep everyone’s spirits alive.  Tuesday, well, it got a little hot.  Matt, our Alaskan teammate, who sees sun for the majority of the day in Alaska, unfortunately got just a little red all over.  Needless to say, a stop at the local grocery store for some aloe was needed.

The entire team has been doing a great job teaching the fundamentals of the game of baseball, in a fun and exciting way, while taking every opportunity to make a difference through their words and actions.  Pray that God will use us this week to impact the kids in Prague, Czech Republic with the love of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for praying!

Scott for the team

Registration is now available for Greater Philadelphia Home School Classes

Register now for our Greater Philadelphia Home School Physical Education classes! We are again offering gym classes for home school students ages 6-17 on Mondays and Thursday from September through April. This year, we are excited to announce that we have added a Kinder Class for home school students ages 4-6. Join us at Calvary Church this fall to learn many different sports, meet new friends and deepen your relationship with Christ.

Italy Update 9

Buon giorno!

Praise the Lord for a great trip! Most of the team arrived late last night into PA. One member of the team stayed in Italy an extra day in order to fly directly home. He is on a flight as I type. I am also taking a guy to the airport this morning to fly back home. So the trip itself is over but guys are still making their way home.

Praise the Lord for allowing us to be a part of His work in Italy! We are grateful for the opportunities we had over the past two weeks to plant and water seeds in Italy. We continue to pray that those seeds would take root and grow. That is the best part about serving alongside the local church … they are intent on following up with the people we met along the way.

Praise the Lord for the team! You never know how it will go with all of the different personalities, upbringings, cultures, etc. You get these teams together for 16 days and anything can happen. But we know that God always has a plan for these teams and He always knows who He wants on them. We are confident that this trip was no different. The Lord put this team together for a special purpose and we are grateful for that! Each of us came home with new brothers in the Lord, life-long friends!

Praise the Lord for you! Thank you for faithfully praying for us over the past two weeks! We could not have done it without you. You were as much a part of the team and trip as the rest of us, it is just that we got the chance to enjoy the Italy part of it. But thank you so much for partnering with us on this trip.

We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use this trip in the lives of the team, missionaries, local churches, kids, you and all those we met along the way in the coming days, weeks and months.

To God be ALL the glory!

Grazie Prego!

Italy Update 8

It is late Saturday night and we head out in the morning. Too hard to put into words everything that happened over the last two weeks, but hopefully you have caught a glimpse of our time here through the updates. We have greatly appreciated your thoughts and prayers!

We finished up camp Friday extremely well. It was another hot day and the kids did extremely well. We played a lot more fun games throughout the day and the kids really seemed to enjoy that. They certainly improved over the five days we were together. We had quite the mix of talent as we had some kids who play in bball clubs and others who were introduced to the game for the first time. But they meshed well and all progressed nicely.

The best part about the week was how well the kids listened. They were engaged in all of our discussions about spiritual things. When quizzed throughout the week, it was apparent that they had been paying attention. We are thankful for the opportunities we had to share our personal stories and to encourage them to think about what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ. We continue to pray that the Lord would wrap His loving arms around them and draw them unto Himself.

At the end of camp the parents showed up. Almost all of the parents were represented and the kids played for about an hour in front of them before we gave out some awards. It was great to see the support the kids had from their families. Our team then played a visiting team in front of the kids and their parents and it was a lot of fun. Our team played very well. Right after the game we all headed to dinner together and enjoyed more pasta until close to midnight. It was a long but great day! Praise the Lord!

We finally had a chance to sleep in today before heading off to Florence. It was extremely hot and crowded, but so well worth the trip! The train ride down and back got kind of long, but it was a great time together just hanging out as a team. We are closing up shop here tonight before heading out in the morning. We leave at 1 pm and will be back to PA around midnight. Thanks for praying for us and we look forward to sharing more about the trip in person. I would encourage you to seek out a team member to have him share his experience with you.


Czech Republic #1

We made it!  After a 4 hour delayFriday evening in Philadelphia due to stormy weather we arrived in Prague Saturday at 2:30pm, only after another delay, of course. 

We got situated in our home for the week, then headed out to “olde towne” to stay awake and see some sights.  Traveling by van, bus, tram, and metro we arrived downtown to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  After a light dinner at Bohemia Bagel, we walked around town for a few minutes before heading back to our home. 

We got a quick lesson on all the modes of transportation, and the Czech language so we can make it around the city. 

Finally one more important stop, the grocery store.  We picked up lots of bottled water, milk, cereal, lunch meats and cheeses, plenty of veggies and fruit, yes you read that right.  Carrots, celery, lettuce, grapefruit, oranges, apples…we are ready for the start of our week.

We just finished team time, as we will be studying the Ten Commandments together this week.

Next up, bed time.  Tired and weary travelers off to bed.  Thanks for praying for our safety in traveling.  We look forward to worshipping with our brothers and sisters at the CB Skalka Church tomorrow.

For the Team,

Coach Scott

Spain July 9, 2011 Update 13

Saturday, July 9

The last whistle has blown and the basketballs have been put away, signaling the end of the PTR clinics in Spain for 2011.  With the conclusion of the clinics we wrap up two weeks of basketball and head back to the USA.  The clinics were great opportunities to share with the kids the love of Christ through how we play basketball.  Each of the coaches have spent time building relationships and sharing Jesus through both word and deed.  With 60 kids at the clinic today, we worked with them on the fundamentals of basketball and played a tournament to end the clinic.  The kids played hard and had the privilege of playing the championship game on the main court with the use of the official clock and scoreboard.  Excitement built as the game came to an end and the champion was named.  Each of the team members received a push the rock t-shirt as the prize.  The PTR team played a game following the clinic and had the game within their reach but ended up losing.  However, the testimony of the PTR team has won the respect of the kids and the opponents.  The Lord has used PTR to share the Gospel through sports these past two weeks.  Please pray that the Lord would continue to draw men to Him in Spain.

We give Him praise for the awesome opportunity to serve Him through sports.