Costa Rica Volleyball trip update #4 December 31, 2011

December 31th 2011

Today we went to Tibas to do a morning clinic with El nino y la Bola. We walked through a very poor community in order to reach the foundation. We interacted with several of the kids by playing tag, foosball, and attempting to talk to them in our limited Spanish while we waited for the rest of the kids to arrive. We walked the kids from their houses to the soccer field. Our bus picked up the team as well as the kids, who were super excited to ride the bus. While some of the team was setting up the rest played “Pato Pato Ganso” aka “Duck Duck Goose.”

Once we were all set up we split the kids into 3 groups for stations which included passing, setting, and hitting. Each station lasted about 10 minute. At the end of it we brought our group into a circle and recapped the skill before heading to the next station. We did an awesome cheer with the kids. One group of excited and hyper boys would jump around yelling “Sapprisa” which is the Costa Rican soccer team; the rest would yell “Push The Rock.” Nattie and Nikki gave their testimonies and Nattie shared the gospel with the kids. They both did a fantastic job! The kids had a fun time and so did we!

After an exhausting but awesome morning we came back to the best meal so far in Costa Rica. Fish, delicious mashed potatoes, and a mixture of vegetables. The cook is amazing and we are so thankful for her willingness to cook for us. Now we are resting before heading to the park for an afternoon practice and a great New Year’s Eve service and dinner with the CED church.

!Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Costa Rica Volleyball trip update #3 December 30, 2011

Friday December 30th, 2011 (Update 2)

The team arrived back at the AMCA house a little tired after a very busy day.  After an afternoon in the marketplace purchasing gifts for family and friends we made an hour long drive to play our first match.  The match was a lot of fun and the team played well despite losing all four games to a very talented Atenas team.  We certainly grew as a team throughout the match and everyone contributed.  We will have lots of time to practice and gel as a team before our next match which will serve us well.  After the match both teams gathered together and Katie shared her testimony with the group.  She did an excellent job and her message was received very well.  It was a great way to end the day!  We are just about to sit down for a late dinner and a time of debriefing.  Tomorrow we look forward to another morning clinic and the opportunity to usher in 2012 with our brothers and sisters from the CED church.  Thank you again for your prayers and support.  Hasta Manana!


Costa Rica Volleyball trip update #2 December 30, 2011

Friday December 30th, 2011

Today, we headed to another part of town, Heredia, for a clinic at St. Tomas Church.  The church there welcomed us graciously, and we enjoyed meeting them.  While only a few boys from the community showed up, we enjoyed playing volleyball and sharing with them and the youth group from the church.  We also enjoyed fellowship with all of them afterwards.  They showed us around the area, and we enjoyed learning more about the Costa Rican culture from their perspective.  The team all kept great spirits despite the different look that this clinic had.  We’re quickly merging into one group, despite our various backgrounds and differences, and I think all of the ladies are looking forward to playing together for our match in Atenas tonight.  Now we’re getting ready for some shopping at the marketplace.  Let’s see how well this quiet group learns to barter!  Thank you for your support thus far.  We appreciate your prayers and would appreciate if you can continue to pray for us as we head to Atenas for a match tonight and our clinic tomorrow morning.  Hasta luego!


Cost Rica Volleyball trip update #1

December 29th 2011

Philippians 4:4  “Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice!”

Travel days aren’t always the most fun.  Full of drowsy 5 minute naps on the plane ride and waiting in lines, it’s easy to get grouchy.  But as Paul reminds us, we can always rejoice in the Lord.   Today, the Costa Rica Volleyball 2011-2012 team met up at 5 am, after an 11 hour training day yesterday.  We then had a 2 hour ride to the airport, a 2 hour wait, and a 5 hour flight.  A short drive later, we arrived at our destination, the AMCA house, located in San Jose, Costa Rica!!!!  Through all of this traveling, everyone on the team had a great attitude and seemed to be able to enjoy the first day of the trip!

Of course once we arrived, the beautiful, summer weather helped.  We settled into the AMCA house and met Nattie Gomez who works for Push The Rock here.  We took a short walk around the area and saw a few of the shops and nearby parks.  The parks were full of people playing a number of sports.  The houses are crowded right next to each other and are almost all guarded by a tall fence and barbed wire.  Although we enjoyed seeing the mountainous landscape and the nice weather, it’s sad to see such a large area riddled with poverty.  I think it’s going to be a great experience for us to be here and have this opportunity to love those less fortunate than us.

After just meeting each other for the first time yesterday the team is quickly coming together.  While there does not seem to be a lot of outgoing personalities, that perception will probably change quickly!  We all get along well together and already are growing closer to each other.  We’re excited to see how God’s going to use us as his humble servants here in Costa Rica!

Thank you so much for your prayers! We are excited about what the Lord has in store for us!


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