Costa Rica Volleyball update #10


Yesterday was our service day.  We helped Don Tony and Dona Rosa with a few projects around their house, the most significant being the new church they are building!  Don Tony and Dona Rosa have impacted countless people in their community.  They throw Christmas parties for literally thousands of children in the impoverished area of Los Chiles, they run a boarding school from their farm where they teach life skills (like farming alongside the academic studies), and they are currently organizing peace talks with two feuding people groups.  Our job today was cleaning the tropical and overgrown area where their chapel will be built.  The work was difficult but we were all happy to help.

Today was our fun day.  After saying our goodbyes to the folks at the farm, we spent the afternoon at the Baldi Springs.  Located at the bottom of a live volcano, the waterfalls, waterslides, and pools are naturally heated by the heat generated from the volcano.  It was awesome!  Afterwards we went on a canopy tour … a series of long zip lines flying through and over the trees.  That was awesome as well!

Now we are all pleasantly exhausted and ready to travel home tomorrow.  Thanks again for all of our prayers and we will see you soon!

Coach for the team


Costa Rica Volleyball update #9

Thursday 1/3/13

We greatly enjoyed teaching two clinics today at two different locations.  The word “clinic” does not do the experiences justice.  I suppose the only way to explain this is the cliché phrase, ‘you had to be there.’  Our first location was Medio Queso, literally translated “half cheese”.  This place, more than any other location, was in the middle of nowhere.  At the impoverished area of Medio Queso we simply joined a party, which was already complete with clowns and food.  We brought more food and a volleyball net, which we set up in the flattest area of the dirt field (which was not very flat!).  We split the kids up into stations, shared the Gospel with them, and passed out food.

Our second clinic had no similarities with the first besides the fact that is was unique!  We were on a small turf soccer field and adapted our ‘volleyball clinic’ as necessary.  To attract more kids we began playing soccer and soon the numbers grew from 10 to nearly 40.  After we had enough kids we broke up into our stations, but this clinic would be based less on structure and more on having free time to love on the kids.  It was a blast, we were blessed by the experience, and I think the kids were as well.

Coach for the team

Costa Rica Volleyball update #8

Tuesday 1/1/13

Last night we were treated like kings and queens at the church and had a wonderful time worshipping the Lord and bringing in the New Year! There was praise and worship, a message, lots of raised hands, and lots of prayer from the Pastor. New experiences for a lot of people! After the service there was a delicious meal and a celebration with hats and noise-makers for the New Years countdown.

Today we are traveling to Los Chiles! We are currently on our 4-5 hour bus ride, weaving up, down, and around the green hills of Costa Rica. The hills aren’t just any regular mound of dirt covered with trees; these hills have character. You can look out of either side of the bus and see the same thing; different streaks of brown marking the lopsided rectangles of farmland, dark patches of trees with dirt roads cutting through ever-changing elevation of the terrain, small communities of colorful one-story houses grouped together while the farms stand alone complete with cattle, goats, and raggedy makeshift fences. At one point, we found ourselves driving through the clouds. Soon after, a light mist of rain fell on us, followed by a double rainbow that appeared to land no more than a stones-throw away.

We stopped at a place known for its large population of iguanas and saw around 30 iguanas, some 5 foot in length! When we were nearing the farm in Los Chiles, our bus got stuck going up a steep and wet hill. After reversing and making numerous attempts at conquering the hill, we receded and walked the last 30 minutes. We were greeted at the farm by Don Tony and Dona Rosa, treated to a wonderful soup and rice dinner, and settled in.

Wednesday 1/2/13

Today in Lose Chiles we ran two camps in two different areas. In the morning, we ate rice with tomatoes and what is known as “squeaky cheese” because of the sound it makes against your teeth. At both the camps, we shared the gospel with the children and had two testimonies. And at both camps, the kids were eager to learn volleyball and just as willing to listen about Christ and the story of the gospel. Another exciting part of both camps was that a local pastor was in attendance. We were able to direct the children to a local support network where they will be able to be discipled!

It was the hottest day yet and we are currently seeing who has the best farmer’s tan, the best wrist ban tan, and the best sock tan. Internet is all but impossible to get here on the farm so updates might be sparse the next couple days. Thank you for all of your prayers!

Coach for the team

Costa Rica Volleyball update #7

Wednesday, 1/2/13

The team is enjoying its time in los Chiles, in the plains of northern Costa Rica. The team is staying on a farm owned and operated by a Foundation that ministers to the “forgotten” of this region. The Foundation provides financial assistance for schooling, boards several kids at a time, assists churches in their mission to share the Gospel, and teaches various trades and schools to those who would otherwise have no recourse for making a living.

The team will be running two volleyball clinics today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, in a local village before returning to the farm for dinner and Team Time. Thanks for praying for the team as it impacts lives for Christ … ONE life at a time!

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Costa Rica Volleyball update #6

Happy New Year! The team enjoyed a great night at church last night ringing in the new year and enjoyed a leisurely morning this morning. The team left this morning for the northern part of the country and will not be returning to the capital until Saturday night. Thanks for praying for the team as it spreads Christ’s message of hope and love up north.

New updates will probably not be posted until Saturday or Sunday as internet availability is less than scarce:). Thank you for your partnership in this ministry opportunity!