2014-2015 Push The Rock Home School Class Information

Home School classes are just around the corner, and we are looking forward to another great year! We are returning to all of our locations for the 2014-2015 school year.  If you are new to Push The Rock home school gym classes here is a quick overview of our offerings.  In the Lehigh Valley area we will be holding a class at Faith Evangelical Free Church (Click HERE for details) on Tuesday’s from 1:00pm-3:00pm. In the Greater Philadelphia Area, we will be holding classes at Calvary Church in Souderton on Monday, and Thursday (Click HERE for details,) and at Perkiomenville Mennonite Church on Wednesday (Click HERE for details) from 1:00pm-3:00pm.

Click HERE for more details regarding our classes for this upcoming school year. These classes are a great opportunity for your child(ren) to improve athletically while learning about what it means to play with selflessness, teamwork and character in a distinctly Christian environment.

Any questions regarding a Lehigh Valley Class, please contact Kim Schlonecker at kschlonecker@pushtherock.org

Any questions regarding a Greater Philadelphia Class, please contact Mitch Thomas at mthomas@pushtherock.org

DCCS Soccer #7

This morning we headed to a village in Tres Rios where we would run two clinics for pre-school kids at the Abraham Project. Each clinic had about 25-30 kids and lasted one hour.  We ran the clinic on a parking that also included a slight incline.  The team did a great job of showing Christ’s love  to these kids who either came from a poor village or were from the foster home. We then headed back to AMCA for a great lunch and also some free time.  Some of the team rested, went to the store, while others ran and did some ab workouts (preseason starts in a few days).  We then had team time where we finished our testimonies and looked at Philippians.  It has been great studying the Word together!

We then headed to a supermarket to buy coffee and lots of goodies to take home for friends and family.  After spending an hour or so there, we headed to a play a friendly match against the youth group from Funda Vida.  We played one match then combined both teams to play a second match.  After the matches, we closed with sharing a few testimonies. We then headed back to AMCA for a late dinner, some games, and packing as we head to the beach tomorrow for some R&R.



Sunday was a special day to have the opportunity to experience a church service in Costa Rica.  What an opportunity to worship alongside brothers and sisters in Christ who praise the same Lord and Savior, but in a different language.  It is always one of the favorite experiences of the teams that come.  We were warmly welcomed by the people of the church and afterwards we joined many of the members at the local mall to eat lunch together.   The congregation and pastor thanked us over and over for coming and helping them reach out to the local people.  We are extremely thankful for the church and their volunteers that have translated and served alongside us this past week.

In the afternoon we went to the artisan’s market in downtown San Jose to buy souvenirs.  We had a delicious meal and ended our day with team time and prayer.  Some of us participated in show-and-tell before bed to see what bargains we found in the market.

Monday was another full day of ministry.  After having the weekend free from clinics and games, we were more than ready to get back to work.  We passed the entire day teaching gym classes at a bilingual elementary school.   It was a nice break to not have to struggle with the language barrier as the students all speak in English.  Push The Rock Costa Rica has been working in this school for 4 years now and it is a blessing to have teams help continue the ministry with the students.  They are always asking when the next team is coming.

In about one hour, the Push The Rock Costa Rica board members will be joining us for dinner.  We are excited that they are honoring us with their presence and that we can share a meal together.  We will then end the night with team time, continuing our study in the book of Philippians.  Thanks again for your prayers!


DCCS Soccer #5

After the first week of ministry, Saturday was a day off to enjoy time together as well as zip-lining and hot springs.  We drove a few hours over the mountain to reach our first stop which was the canopy tour.  On our way we actually had to take a detour.  We noticed so many people walking in the same direction.  There was actually a religious pilgrimage in which the country celebrates the Virgin Mary.  So it was a national holiday.  The last 30 minutes it started raining, but once we arrived it stopped.  After getting all the gear on, receiving all of the instructions, we were on our way.  We went on 12 lines each one having something unique about it.  The length and height of them were all different.  The Tarzan swing was one of our favorites, and also one in which once you left the platform, our tour guides would shakes the cable so the rider would go up and down.  But probably everyone’s favorite was the last zip line.  We had to put on a second harness, our tour guides told us that was to prevent anyone from dying (just a little humor on their part).  What the second harness did was put us in the laying down position so we would feel that we were flying.  This last zip-line was over 300 feet off the ground and over 1000 feet long.  Needless to say this was an awesome experience.  Afterwards we had a traditional Costa Rican meal called casado.  We then boarded the bus and headed to Arenal volcano, where we would spend the afternoon at Baldi Hot Springs.  This resort consisted of approx. 12 pools, all natural spring water heated from the volcano. The coolest pool was 70 degrees, while several pools were around 110 degrees.  There were saunas, which our team was only able to stay in for a few minutes, and there were also slides, which were quite fast.  We then showered and changed and ate dinner their at a buffet.  It is safe to say that the entire team enjoyed a lot of food.  We then boarded the bus and Rafael, our driver all week, brought us safely back to AMCA around 11 pm.  While it was a very long day, it was a day full of fun.  Off to bed and ready to worship with our Costa Rican hermanos tomorrow.

DCCS Soccer #5

After a short night of sleep, we awoke to have a wonderful breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and of course fresh fruit. We then headed to a Christian school where we would run clinics and play a soccer match.  Our first clinic was with 150 first through third graders.  We ran the clinic on a turf soccer field.  Needless to say they were an enthusiastic group and get us all quite busy.  The principal wanted us to use English only, so that made it a little easier.  One hour goes by so quickly, but we were thankful for the opportunity to teach them soccer and share testimonies.  As soon as they left, 115 fourth through sixth graders joined us for a clinic too.  While they may not have had the same energy as the younger kids, we had a great time teaching soccer and sharing testimonies with them. As soon as that clinic was over, the girls changed to play a match against the high school team.  We played 8v8 on two back to back futsal fields. After going down by a goal early on, our girls quickly responded and put together several scores.  While we did win, it was exciting for both teams to recognize that in playing the game we all love, demonstrating a Christ-like attitude on and off the pitch is something that is far greater than wins and losses.  Both teams met afterward and exchanged greetings and had the privilege to  encourage one another.  The school provided us with a snack afterwards.  The high school principal actually had all the students leave their classes and come to watch the first half. So for at least one half, we played before an energetic and loud crowd cheering on the home team.

We headed back to AMCA to get lunch before heading out to an orphanage to spend the afternoon playing with the kids.  The girls were excited to find out that we were returning to the same orphanage we ministered at earlier in the week.  Although we were unable to take pictures, these kids will be in our hearts and mind for a long time.   After sharing testimonies, we headed out and stopped at POPS for some wonderful ice cream.

We arrived at home, ate dinner and finished the day with team time.  We are going through Philippians, and tonight our focus was on our humility, perfected by Christ, as the example for us to model.  A few team members also shared their testimony.

Hopefully we will get a good night sleep as we have some fun things to do tomorrow, zip-lining and hot springs.


Zambia Update #12 August 1, 2014

We had an early morning as we were on the road by 6am, headed to the game park here in Livingstone! We had breakfast on the go in the cars and were in the park just as the sun was rising. The team was split between two cars, but each car saw about all you could see in the park – it was a great day! We started off the morning seeing a hippo on the side of the road as we drove into the park. We saw water buck, impala, zebra, giraffe, warthogs, hippos, buffalo, and so much more – but I think the most exciting find of the morning was elephants! We got the chance to follow one elephant down the road, watch it get into the water, and swim across the river. What an awesome thing to see!

Feeling accomplished in finding all the animals, we left the game park and headed back before grabbing lunch. We spent the afternoon shopping at the market, getting coffee/ice cream/internet at the cafe, and playing games. We headed to dinner at Olga’s and enjoyed some delicious pizza and salads! We are currently spending our last night together here in Zambia playing Dutch Blitz back where we are staying!

It has been an incredible two weeks here in Zambia with this team. We have each learned so much, had the opportunity to love on people, play soccer, enjoy God’s incredible creation, join in Christian fellowship, and be a part of what Push The Rock is doing here in Macha! Prayers for the team’s safe travel home tomorrow are much appreciated! Be sure to check out more pictures on the Push The Rock Facebook page!!


DCCS Soccer #4

Today was quite a busy day!  It is 11:15 and we just returned and ate dinner less than an hour ago.  The day started off with another service project.  We returned to the same church that we did a clinic with yesterday morning to help them paint the outside of their building.  The actual church is very small, just big enough to fit their congregation of 45 people.  They are in the process of praying, looking, and waiting for a larger facility, but for now the pastor is very thankful for what they have.  When we finished, the outside of the church was a pretty dark green with a large yellow gateway for the entrance.

After a quick rest and lunch, we held a 2nd clinic in the same community.  In Costa Rica, the kids either go to school in the morning or in the afternoon.   With having a clinic in the morning yesterday and a clinic in the afternoon today, we were able to reach out to a larger number of children in the town.  Word must have gotten around about a group of soccer players from the States being in town because we had a much larger group today.  We were more than happy to partner with the church because they have a large problem with the young adults getting involved in using and selling drugs.  We hope that our 2 days of service help connect the local people with the church for it to grow and better serve the community.

Immediately afterwards the team left for their 1st match.  It took us 2 hours to get to our final destination as we had to cross the city in rush hour and then climb up and down dirt roads that seemed to take us to the middle of nowhere!  An interesting fact in Costa Rica is that no matter where you are, you can always find a decent soccer field in the most unexpected places.  To our surprise, the field had lights and there was a large number of spectators waiting to watch us.  We are not sure where they came from, but they were there!  The girls did a great job despite having to have 3 very nonexperienced players join their team as well as a dad be the goalie.  They left the field with a win, but even more importantly, they had the opportunity to share 3 testimonies and pray with the opposing team and spectators.

We are all ready to go to bed now in order to be rested and ready to go tomorrow.  We look forward to hosting 2 more clinics, playing another game, and visiting an orphanage.  To God be all the glory!  Thanks for the prayers!