PTR Prison Ministry 3 v 3 Hoops Tourney – Recap

The 1st Annual Push The Rock Prison Ministry 3 v 3 Tournament is in the books, and it was a great success! The tournament could not have happened without the sponsorship of The Quantify Group, Push Technology INC. and the tremendous group of volunteers who helped referee, keep score, and work concessions. We are also very grateful for all 70 competitors who participated in the night.  In all 20 teams came out to support the cause.  Competitors also had the opportunity to participate in a 3 point competition, half court competition, and knockout competition.

The competition was great all night, but of course only a few could emerge victorious.  In a closely contested championship game Team D-League Euro Step (Demond Vance, Nahfees Akbar, and Tyrone Lecato) defeated the 3 Bucketeers (Daniel Brndjar, Derek Tannous, Nate Tannous, and Pat Tannous) to take home the cash prize of $150. Although Pat Tannous came up short in the tournament championship, he was able to walk away as the 3 point competition champion with 17 three-pointers made in just 1 minute. Brian Branson was able to fend off all other competitors in an impressive victory in our knockout competition. During the half court competition many players competed, but only Tyler Rapose walked away making the difficult shot.

While the tournament, and competitions were a great time the primary reason for this event was to raise money for the Push The Rock prison ministry that has been growing every year.  This January marks the start of our 4th year taking teams into the prisons, and we have taken on a more aggressive schedule than ever before.  In our first year running this tournament we were able to raise close to $600 to help us cover rising costs associated with the ministry.  We are thrilled that the first year was such a success, and encourage you to join us again next year for the 2nd Annual Tournament!  To read more about our prison ministry click here.

TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS:  Team D-League Euro Step – Demond Vance, Nahfees Akbar, Tyrone Lecato

TOURNAMENT RUNNERS-UP:  3 Buckateers – Daniel Brndjar, Derek Tannous, Nate Tannous, Pat Tannous




Freedom in Prison

Be encouraged by “Tom’s” story from Costa Rica …

“Tom (actual name withheld) was born into a family that consisted of a mother, father and brother. Unfortunately, at a young age his mother left them. So, he had to live with his father who wasn’t always around. After many custody changes and his mom leaving him again, his brother ended up raising him. Tom looked up to his brother like any of us would do in his situation. The problem was that his brother wasn’t involved in the greatest of things. Drugs and bad people were part of their life starting at a young age. Tom became so involved that he was faced with a life or death situation. At 17 years old, the age where many of us are enjoying our senior year of high school, and the problems we face are whether or not we pass our next test, Tom had to make a difficult decision. Tom was going to be killed. He had an inclination that this was going to happen soon and friends confirmed the rumors. Tom faced a decision now … run. But, run to where? He had no family or friends that weren’t a part of his gang. He realized his only option was to kill or be killed. He took the first option. Fast forward to today. Tom has been in prison for 5 years and has 2 to go. He is in his early 20’s being transformed by God’s love. I met Tom 3 weeks ago and instantly knew there was something different about this guy. You could tell that he was the “leader” of the inmates and at the end of practice took our Bible study very seriously. You can tell God is working in his life. The other prisoners look up to Tom because of his leadership skills and it is cool to see him using this gift positively by having an impact on others. Now Tom goes into great detail in his testimony about living in prison and the difficulties behind it. He shares his trust issues, fighting problems, deceptive cutting issues and even just missing the reality of living outside the walls. Tom reiterated throughout his testimony on how Push The Rock has been changing his life these last three years. He concluded that hopefully one day he would be able to work for Push The Rock and be able to help have an impact on prisoners. He knows there is a God that will forgive even our greatest sins and knows it is necessary for the other inmates to hear this!”

– PTR Costa Rica