MWS Update- Team in Macha

After arriving here on Monday night, the team is closing in on their last full day in Macha(Friday), we will be sad to say goodbye!

Today started much like the previous three days, running sports activities at a local school for the morning.  The mile-ish walk each direction is much easier in the cool of the morning, before all the activity starts…at least that’s the general opinion.  It is definitely worth it of course!

Instead of spending the afternoon playing with the children who come for afterschool activities, most of the group ran in the 2nd Annual Macha 5K race!  Last year in the first running of the race, about 40 people participated, so it was quite encouraging to have over 100 today.  Everyone seemed to have a blast, but the best part was simply having the community come together for the afternoon for some fun.  Perhaps not everyone would consider a 5K Race as fun, but most assuredly a good time was had by all.  Thankfully the Messiah women’s team provided most of he prizes we gave away too!

When the race was done and wrapped up, the team(again) walked out to the school we’re working with, for supper with the boarding children who live at the school.  A meal of nshima and beans was enjoyed, and then there was a time of singing praise songs together around a bonfire.

It has been a great day in Macha, and we are ready to call it a night!  The week has been full, and we are blessed to have this wonderful group working with us.  Please continue to pray for us all…some of the team is feeling quite tired and some are not feeling 100% healthy, so thank you in advance!

Hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day here with the team.  We’ll make the best of it!  For more details on the days, and for pictures, click here!

MWS Trip Update – Safe Arrival in Zambia May 20, 2015

After a LONG trip across the ocean, the Messiah Women’s soccer team has safely arrived in Zambia.  They have all settled in for the night, excited for the two weeks that lie ahead in working with PTR Zambia.

We will have periodic updates posted here throughout their time there, but also if you’d like to hear their first hand experience in their words,  you can visit their blog HERE.

Thank you for your prayers!