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Costa Rica volleyball trip 3.8.16

We are having a great time! It has been toasty and we are battling some kind of stomach virus, but things have been going great. Yesterday (Monday) was a full day. We left the house at 7 am and ran 9 40-minute clinics in a row, with a 40-minute lunch break after the first 5. The team did a great job of hanging in there and persevering in the intense heat. Each 40-minute segment was broken down in the 30 minutes of volleyball and then a player testimony. The kids were very receptive and welcoming, which we kind of expected since Push The Rock Costa Rica staff is at this school every Monday working with the kids.

We went straight to the National Gym for matches against the sub-20 (Under 20) and sub-23 (Under 23) National Teams. What a great experience for the ladies! It was a bit of a challenge with people battling stomach bugs and just having come from a full day of volleyball clinics in the sun. We beat the U-20 team 2-1 and ended up losing to the U-23 team 3-0, but it was close … 26-24, 25-22, 25-17. They Costa Rican teams wanted to keep going but our team was spent. It was 8:30 pm and we had gone 3.5 hours already. We headed home for dinner and Team Time and were off to bed.

This morning (Tuesday) we were at a new public school across the city. We had 2.5 hours to spend with the 5th and 6th graders, who were more than eager to spend that time with us and learn some volleyball. These short-term teams do wonders in opening doors to new schools and other ministry opportunities, so we look forward to seeing how the Lord might use this as an open door to more ministry there.

Several of the team is down for the count this afternoon but the rest of the group is headed to a very large private school before playing a top-level team from San Jose tonight. God continues to open doors and we ask that you would pray with us for 3 things:

  • Open doors to the Gospel
  • Healing for those struggling
  • Strength and energy for long and hot days

Thanks in advance for praying and for standing behind us! !Pura Vida!

Costa Rica volleyball trip 3.6.16

And we are off and running. After a long day of travel Saturday, including a stopover in San Salvador, we made it to San Jose safely. It was a bit of an adventure between losing a cell phone and watching Iron Maiden’s “World Tour” jumbo jet land in San Salvador, but we were excited to finally arrive in Costa Rica.

After getting settled in and a good night’s rest, we enjoyed a great morning of worship at the local church (CED). Always treated like family, we were ushered graciously by our brothers and sisters here. They had fresh fruit for us when we arrived and then took special care of our team throughout the service. A highlight of trips like this is always worshiping our Lord and Savior with fellow believers, even though we may not be singing or talking in the same language.

After a quick lunch we headed out to play a team from the Bank of Costa Rica. It was a more low-key match, but one that everyone enjoyed. Our team ended up winning 3-1, but most importantly, we were able to share a testimony and a time of prayer with the other team.

We had dinner at the mall and enjoyed some Pops (ice cream) before heading home. We jumped right into Colossians as a team and we are all excited about studying Scripture and seeing what the Lord has to teach us this week in His Word.

It is time for bed as we are up at 6:15 am and out the door not much later. Thanks for praying for us. We greatly appreciate it and ask you to continue to lift us up.

!Pura Vida!