Prison Ministry Kicks Off!

Last year a contact we have with Mennonite Central Committee(MCC) here in Zambia asked us if we would be interested in helping with some soccer ministry at a nearby prison.  We jumped at the opportunity asking him to please make the arrangements!  After several months of communication and failed attempts to reach a date that could work, we were thrilled to take seven members of our soccer team to play our first game there in early April.

We kicked the soccer ball around as we waited for the prison to release their team for the prearranged game.  The first meeting for such events is always exciting and often accompanied with a few feelings of uncertainty of how we will be received.  As they came to the soccer pitch, a few of us walked over to greet them and thank them in advance for the opportunity.  We also begged a few players from them as we were a couple guys short of a full squad!
What followed was a wonderful time playing soccer together, filled with plenty of laughter, cheering, and clapping.  Handshakes and high-fives were exchanged as we gathered together after the game.  Our captain stood to say a few words on our behalf, explaining who we are and why we were there.  The prison team thanked us for taking the time and making the effort to come spend the afternoon with them.  With smiles they promised more competition the next time saying this was just the first of many matches together, begging us to come back again soon and as often as we would be able to do so!

Our plan is to make monthly soccer ministry visits to this prison, continuing to build into the lives of our new friends.  We continue to be grateful for your prayers and support, and we thank the Lord for partnerships that allow us such opportunities in ministry.

Learn To Play Disc Golf!

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and is a fun, inexpensive sport for people of all ages.  Eagles Wings Disc Golf, the disc golf division of Push The Rock, will be offering a disc golf league for youth ages 8-16 this Spring at Sellersville Disc Golf Course.  This is a great opportunity to learn the sport from some of the top disc golf players in the region including the 2015 United States Women’s Champion, Hannah Leatherman.  Sessions are broken up by age and ability level, so no previous experience is required!

For more details about the league visit us HERE.