Every year in early July, Zambia celebrates two holidays on consecutive days, Hero’s and Unity Day.  In our Macha community that also means a month-long soccer tournament involving the 21 men’s teams from the area, culminating in the championship game on Unity Day.

This year our newly formed team, PTR FC, won its way into the championship match with an inspiring, underdog-like run through pool play and the knockout stages.  Again playing the role of spoiler, our team shocked the hundreds of spectators and heavily favored opponents to claim the title of “Hero’s and Unity Cup Champions” after winning in a dramatic penalty kick shootout.

Elem and Eric ‘lifting’ the trophy!

Winning is great, but by far, this run has given us the continued platform to show people that you can
compete AND be successful with great sportsmanship and character.  We use each opportunity we are given to prove the value of unity on the pitch, encouraging our teammates, and not verbally or physically threatening officials, opponents, or opposing fans.  Our focus is to continue changing the scene of soccer here in this community through our team, and this is just one small step forward in the right direction.

Now more than ever, we are in the spotlight, and it is time to SHINE even brighter!