Welcome Back AROMA!

After partnering with AROMA last year, it was a joy to welcome them back to Zambia just a couple weeks ago.

AROMA (which stands for “A Revolution of Missional Athletes”) seeks to empower Messiah College athletes to use their gifts and passions in sport to further God’s kingdom.

This year’s team featured athletes from various sports, lacrosse, baseball, softball and swimming.  With their expertise, they helped us introduce the games of lacrosse and baseball in our community…with much success and joy from all who participated!

In addition to sharing their passion for sports, team members shared their testimonies of faith throughout their activities with us.  One of the highlights of their time here was an outreach to a village church partner of ours.  Beyond sports and sharing from the Bible, the team was able to introduce, explain, and share a water filtration system with over 50 families from that area.  The system can take the dirtiest water and make it safe for drinking within minutes.  It was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship for the day!

We continue to be thankful for such partnerships!  While they were here, they kept a daily blog of their time with us.  You can read all about their experience by visiting it here.

Or, better yet, watch the trip video summary below!