Spain Tenerife update … 12.29.16

It is Thursday night and we are ready for bed. We have arrived safely in Tenerife and the group is doing well. A quick recap of how we got here …

Our trip started out with a longer-than-desired trip to JFK on Tuesday afternoon. I would imagine that any trip to JFK is longer than desired, but this one was long due to an accident along the way. However, we arrived with plenty of time to spare, checked-in, grabbed some food, and got settled into our 7 hour flight to Madrid. The plane was pretty full, so there was not much extra room to spread out. The vast majority of the team went without sleep that first flight, arriving in Madrid somewhat exhausted.

We wound through the airport and arrived at our gate with 20 minutes to spare. The 2.5 hour flight was much more refreshing as almost everyone slept for at least half of the flight. We arrived in Tenerife bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, raring to go. It took us about 20 minutes to get from the airport in the south to the fire station, where we will be staying throughout our stay.

We enjoyed lunch on Wednesday, got oriented and settled in, some guys took naps, and then we headed out to the local gym for an hour of Crossfit. Yep, nothing like a little intense training to get over jetlag and to get the juices flowing. Needless to say, after dinner most people slept well, as we were exhausted!

This morning we got up for a huge breakfast, got our assignments for the day, had a Scripture challenge from one of the team members, and we were off and running. We had clinics in two different towns this morning. Excitement was running high with coaches and campers and it was a great time for those two hours between 10-12. After lunch we played at two different beaches with some of the locals for several hours. The beaches are packed with tourists as these islands are a hotspot during the vacation season. Close to 15 million tourists are expected to visit the islands in 2016. These are the beaches where we will be interacting with tourists on New Year’s Eve, hoping to engage them in spiritual conversations as we talk about Jesus Christ.

After the beach we headed to our match in a neighboring town. Most of the players on the opposing team had played in the top pro division here in Spain, so it was a fun match. There was some good dialogue after the match and we had a chance to share why we came and what we are doing while we are here.

After a wonderful taco dinner we had Team Time and we are off to bed before we repeat a very similar schedule tomorrow. However, instead of 2 clinics we will have 3 tomorrow morning.

We are praying that the Lord would work in and through us as we share Christ in word and deed with people here and look to connect people to the local churches.

Buenas noches!