Eagles Wings Disc Golf Premier Event Dates 2017

Eagles Wings Disc Golf is excited to announce our premier event dates for 2017!  While our schedule will be packed with clinics, leagues, smaller events, and more, the premier events will be the biggest that we offer in our established regions. We had great turn outs last year, and we expect bigger crowds in 2017. All events are PDGA sanctioned, and participating player can expect great players packs, giveaways, food, and more! We encourage you to mark your calendars, as these tournaments will be can’t-miss! You can follow us on Facebook to stay updated on event details.

Here’s a peek at how much fun last year’s events were. Don’t miss it!


Innova 4

Innova 5


Prison Ministry Update – SCI Rockview 1/14/17

This past Saturday January 14th, Push The Rock took a team into SCI Rockview. This was our first game of the 2017 season. Thanks to partnership with The Saints Prison Ministry, we were able to be the first outside basketball team in SCI Rockview in the past 5 years. Needless to say, the inmates were very excited to have the chance to play a basketball game against outside competition. Although we lost the game in overtime and the crowd of 65 inmates was impressed by our play, the best part of the day came at halftime. During halftime with the score tied up at 31-31, Tyler Heath shared some great testimonies of have Jesus has worked and is currently working in his life. Adam Kern also shared the life changing message of who Jesus Christ is and why we all put our faith in Him. The crowd listened intently and some awesome conversations came after they were done talking. Please pray for these inmates who now know what it means to put their faith in Christ. Our hope is that they can stay in contact with us and the Saints so that we can continue to encourage them in their faith!

Eagles Wings Disc Golf Announces Junior Grant

Driven by our desire to provide junior disc golfers the opportunity to improve and compete, and inspired by the Nate Doss Grant Program from 2016, Eagles Wings Disc Golf is offering their own Junior Grant for 2017.  This past year we worked with well over 1,000 youth teaching clinics, running leagues, and hosting tournaments, and we are excited about the future of youth disc golf.  As a faith-based organization, we rely on donations and the support of others, and we have been blessed with a gift from a generous donor that allows us to offer this program.  We are also excited to have some of our partners step up and offer additional incentives for the recipients!

The grant will center around paid entry to the 2017 Junior and Amateur World Championships.  In addition to this each recipient will receive Eagles Wings gear, a PDGA Membership, and some awesome gifts from our partners such as D-Town Disc Golf, Upper Park Designs, Paragon Disc Golf, Kids Disc Golf, and Luna Discs.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this in 2017, and look forward to bigger and better things in 2018 when Juniors will have their own World Championships in Emporia, Kansas!

Full details, along with the application process, will be shared tomorrow afternoon on our website.  Please help us spread the word by sharing this with junior disc golfers in your area and beyond!

Tenerife Spain volleyball update … 1.1.17

Happy New Year from Tenerife! Been a festive few days here on the island. We had clinics in two different locations on the 30th and 31st, with about 40 kids coming to play some volleyball and hone their skills. It is awesome to see how in such a short time relationships are starting to form between the coaches and a lot of the kids. The same is true of the dynamics during games. We had the privilege of playing the “same” team on the 30th and it was great for the guys to be able to talk to some of the players from the other team afterwards. Also fun to see was how, without refs, they called infractions on themselves after we called a few on ourselves. When that is happening on both sides it changes the dynamic of the game and of the relationship. It is the mark of true sportsmanship and a truly friendly match.

After the clinics those two mornings on the 30th we went to two different beaches again and played pickup in extremely heavy winds. The goal was to attract people on the beach into some games and be able to build relationships and share Christ as the opportunities arose.

The afternoon of the 31st was a little bit different. After lunch we headed to the beach. Half the team chose to just hang out on the beach, soak in some rays, and enjoy the water. The other half decided to go on a 25 kilometer bike ride up and down the boardwalk from one town to another. Both groups had a great time although one was a bit more physically spent than the other after their 4-hour stint at the beach.

We got home in time for showers before dinner and a trip back down to the beach. We were going to be handing out tracts and singing praise and worship songs on the beach to ring in the new year. It was great! We got down to the beach around 10:30 pm and the beach was starting to fill up with people from (literally) all over the world. We spent the first 30 minutes handing out tracts and talking to people. Then we parked ourselves on some benches and sang worship songs for another 30 minutes. As we were singing people would crowd around to see what the commotion was. Some even joined in if they knew the songs. We had the opportunity to share Christ with several people who came by. In between songs the local pastor shared a devotional challenge and we ate some snacks.

Around midnight we joined the throngs of people to watch several fireworks displays out over the ocean. It was magnificent! So we ran in the New Year on the beach with fireworks exploding over the water and with a bunch of people from the church. It was awesome! We left the beach around 1:15 am.

We had breakfast at 10 and left at 11 for the north. We arrived in time to meet the ladies’ team for lunch. They arrived on the morning flight and had been up all night, so they were a bit tired; but we enjoyed connecting with them and met with them to go over logistics for this upcoming week as we will be on two ends of the island running 3 clinics simultaneously (should be awesome!).

The guys traveled back to the south (went ended up circumnavigating the island today in the going up and the coming back, so it was great to see the whole island!) and arrived in time for church. Two guys shared testimonies and one team member preached. It is always so amazing to worship with the body of Christ across cultures! God is so good!

After church some of the guys wanted to play basketball, so we went to a local court and half played basketball while the other half played soccer with some local kids. We got home, had dinner and showered before heading downtown for some ice cream. A wonderful way to ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year!