Eagles Wings Flying To The Amateur And Junior Disc Golf World Championships

The PDGA Amateur and Junior Disc Golf world championships is always a great gathering of disc golfers from across the world. People are there to compete in one of the largest annual disc golf tournaments for amateur disc golfers. It is a great place to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy everything disc golf.

Eagles Wings Disc Golf is excited to be part of this year’s Amateur and Junior world championships. We are looking forward to another great chapel as well as celebrating our first ever Eagles Wings Junior Disc Golf Grant winners and watching team member Elijah Hogan compete in his first Junior World Championships.

We are excited to be able to offer a chapel service at this great tournament. It will be great to connect with other believers and share the challenge of loving Jesus in the disc golf community. We will be meeting after the players meeting in a side room at the same venue.

Silas Schultz, Virginia Polkinghorne and Lydia Lyons were three of the recipients of our first ever Junior Grant. These three are being rewarded for the incredible contributions they are making to disc golf. They have helped to clean up courses in their local community and taught many the sport of disc golf. We are proud to be part of their experience at this year’s World Championships.

After spending the last two years volunteering at the PDGA Professional World Championships with Eagles Wings Disc Golf, Elijah is excited to be competing in his first PDGA Junior World Championships. Elijah has been involved with Eagles Wings Disc Golf for several years now, always part of the local events in Pennsylvania. He has traveled to two world championships to volunteer and been hit in the head once by a disc thrown by Will Schusterick. Now he will get to test his disc golf skills against the best in the world.

If you will be in the quad cities area, please make sure to connect with us as you can.

Eagles Wings Disc Golf at the World Championships

We were blessed and honored to be invited to participate in the Professional Disc Golf World Championships by the PDGA.  We love investing in the larger events, and there is nothing quite like the World Championships!
On Monday night we were asked to host a clinic at Fort Gordon, a military base that was utilized for the event.  Working on a military base was a first for Eagles Wings Disc Golf, and what an experience it was.  We had over 100 people come out for the clinic, including a large number of active military members and their families.  We had a great staff lined up that gave up their night, and tournament prep time to serve in this way.  The staff included JohnE McCray, Paul McBeth, Hannah Croke, Hannah Leatherman, Lance Brown and Hunter Thomas.  They did a great job sharing their knowledge of the sport, and signed quite a few autographs!
On Tuesday evening all the players gathered in a big auditorium on the base for a players meeting. Immediately following we hosted a chapel for the players and staff that wanted to join us.  We had a great group come out and were blessed to have fellow disc golfer, and full-time pastor, Dave Barfield join us to share the message.  He also brought his friend, Zach Anderson, to lead worship.  We worshipped together, prayed together, and listened to David share about what greatness really looks like.  It was a blessed time together and a great way to start the event.

Come see us if you will be at the Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Championship.



Italy 2017 | Update 4 |

On our last day of camp in Forli, the coaches were sad to say goodbye to an awesome bunch of kids. We spent the day play basketball-related games with the kids. The kids even reviews the weekly sportsmanship thoughts, which the last day was teamwork. One of the coaches shared her testimony and really did a great job summing up all of the coaches ideas and reason for spending a week with the kids; to share the Gospel. Towards the end of the camp, the coaches gave out three Christian character awards out to three kids who exemplified many of the sportsmanship thoughts and displayed Christ-like attitude all week. As the team was saying it’s finally goodbyes, the coaches got plenty of autographs and contact info for the kids to provide follow up. The team would head back to more sightseeing in a nearby town that has two towers that overlook a small city. The view from the clock tower was beautiful and served as a great reminder of God as a creator and this world being his creation. After spending a half-hour at the towers,  the team would drive to Imola, a regular location for Push The Rock camps, to meet up with the missionary and several kids from previous camps. The coaches got to play basketball with the kids at the local courts and then would go out for pizza at a local restaurant owned by one of the church members from La Rocco (the local church PTR partners with). The night ended on a high note with gelato.


Italy 2017 | Update 3 |

Wednesday was very similar to Tuesday as the team would make the 20 minutes commute from Faenza to Forli. The sportsmanship thought of day was on Enthusiasm, which was a running joke among the coaches, because of the coach speaking on this topic is very enthusiastic. Two of the coaches got to share their testimony (one during the basketball camp and the other to the other kids at the camp). Camp was 30 minutes short as all the kids were going to spend the afternoon at a water park near by. Given that the team had the afternoon off, we went sightseeing in Ravenna, approximately 45 minutes away. Ravenna is known from their mosaic cathedrals. The team would see the five cathedrals and finishing their time in the city eating gelato. As the team was heading back to Faenza, a thunderstorm hit providing plenty flash floods, hail, and winds. The team was able to make it to the house safely and arranged for the evening camp to be moved inside into a gym. After supper, the team would meet the 5 kids for camp and share the sportsmanship thought of the day. The team’s daily schedule remained the same on Thursday besides an afternoon trip. The team would run a basketball camp in Forli and an evening camp in Faenza at a local outdoor court. While running camp in the evening, the team was visited by several of the other staff from the Forli camp along with a team of college students from Tennessee, who were helping out with a ministry in a nearby city. The kids were excited to have the extra guest around especially with it being out final night of the camp. As camp concluded, the coaches signed the kids shirts and got gelato with the kids and their parents along with the other staff and guests. Although, the number of campers were low, the local church was very pleased with the week of camp and the future opportunities it will allow for other Push The Rock teams to invest.



Italy 2017 | Update 2 |

 As camp opened up for the second day, the kids were so excited to see the team arrive after a 20 minute commute from Faenza to Forli. The coaches spent the first 10 minutes saying hi to every camper, even those are are participating in the basketball camp, and to the other staff. The sportsmanship thought of the day was “Determination.” One of the coaches emphasized the importance of working hard and even talked about the previous day’s coaches challenge as his team was determined to win despite being down early in the game. Following the sportsmanship thought, the campers went through their daily stretching routine and divided up into groups for basketball stations. After three rounds of stations, the kids took a break a for snack. This offered the coaches a chance to have conversations with other camp staff and kids. After snack, the kids return to the gym to hear one of the coaches’ testimony. She highlighted that your value in life is not defined by your situations, it’s defined in God. Many of the kids appeared to be receptive of her story. Following the testimony portion, the kids finished another three rounds of stations. During that time the another coach left for a few minutes to share his testimony with the other campers. Camp concluded on a high note as all the coaches were learning the campers’ names and picking up Italian words/phrases. The team would head back to Faenza for a quick nap, team time, and dinner at the missionary’s house. As the evening quickly approached, the team would head to the local outdoor court to run camp for 5 kids. Many of the parents would stay and watch the two hour camp.

Madrid 2017 | Update 4 | July 4

Tuesday, July 4

Today was the second day of our camp. We saw some new faces at both of our camp locations! What a blessing that campers are inviting friends to come and join the fun. Today we focused in on the word Determination and shared with the campers how they can apply it on the basketball court, in life off of the court, and spiritually as we pursue Jesus. It was a great day of ministry and our missionary families who are here full time are thrilled with the turnout up to this point. Today was unique because it was the first night that we competed in a friendly basketball game against a local Club team from Torrejon. The game was hard fought and we were able to show our love to the opponent in several tangible ways (helping up a fallen player, giving them the ball when the ref called an out of bounds play incorrectly, and through our encouraging words). The best part about the night was that we were able to display our love for Christ on the court in front of over 20 campers. Please pray for more opportunities to share our faith through the great game of basketball!





Madrid 2017 | Update 3 | July 3

Monday, July 3

Today was our first day of camp! We knew God was planning on moving in the lives of the campers this week when our Camp Director came down with a nasty ankle sprain moments before the whistle blew for the beginning of camp. Little did the enemy know, we happened to have another very qualified Camp Director on our trip to fill in for him. Our camp carried on as we had the opportunity to minister to over 60 campers in the morning. Our team came with a lot of energy and did a great job. Our afternoon camp was much different. First, it was held outside in the 90 degree weather. Our team persevered and eventually we had close to 20 campers in attendance. We knew numbers would look different during the afternoon camp. About a week before we arrived, the government told us we could not use their gym if we wanted to share the Gospel. We took it to the outside courts and God provided! Please pray for our team member with a sprained ankle.




Madrid 2017 | Update 2 | July 2

Sunday, July 2

Buenas Dias! Today was a great day of getting to experience God here in Spain.  This morning our team woke up and had the opportunity to worship at Torre Fuerte (Strong Tower) Church here in Madrid.  This is the church that our missionary families attend each week.  At church we were able to sing and worship in Spanish.  Our team was also given the opportunity to share testimonies in front of the entire church.  In the afternoon we attended a second church service.  This service was much different as this missionary family hosts a church plant in their own home.  Again we had the chance to worship in Spanish along with the opportunity to share testimonies of how Jesus has changed our lives.  We finished with our night by eating dinner and singing some worship songs as a team.  Its probably a shock to you, but we chose to sing in ENGLISH. Our night ended a bit earlier so that we could get some extra rest before our first day of camp.  Please pray for a great start to our camp week.  We are excited to start well! Adios for now!


Madrid 2017 | Update 1 | July 1

Saturday, July 1

Our team has landed safely in Madrid, Spain.  After a long flight from Philadelphia, and some questionable sleep on the plane, our team is ready to get the trip started.  We met up with the two Push The Rock Spain staff members.  After meeting up with them, we spent our day enjoying the company of some missionary families that we will be partnering with for camp. After a great lunch, we took a tour of a neighboring city, Alcana de Henares.  There we saw some VERY old building structures and enjoyed posing with some statues.  We also enjoyed our first typical food of Spain as we got Tapas.  Once we were home from dinner, the team decided to go to a local court and play some basketball.  We met some new friends a the park and bonded over a game we all love.  To end the night, we finished with our Team Time Bible Study and shared some testimonies among our team.  Tomorrow we have a packed schedule and will worship with two different churches in the Madrid area.  Please continue to pray as we serve the Lord through basketball here in Madrid!