Eagles Wings Disc Golf Is Building A New Course At Judson College

Eagles Wings is blessed to be able to work with Judson College in the construction of a new disc golf course. Jim Schultz and the local team in the Michigan area are working hard to provide a fun opportunity for students at Judson to learn and play the sport of disc golf. The course will playfully wind through the campus at Judson and provide a challenge to all players.

The designs have been completed and we have begun to work on the property to prepare it for the course. A small team from Eagles Wings disc golf has worked hard to clear some of the underbrush and miscellaneous branches. We spent time putting down some paving stones to mark tee boxes and began to dig holes for the post when the baskets arrive.

There is still plenty of work to do on this course but for now things are looking good. We are excited to see this course take shape and look forward to hosting events on this course in the future.

Costa Rica – Hope College SEED Trip Update


Greetings from Costa Rica!

The Hope College team arrived in Costa Rica late in the evening on Tuesday. We’ve had the opportunity to run several sports clinics and install many water filters already. Please click on the link below to learn more about the team and following along with our journey in Costa Rica.


AROMA Update from Zambia

It has been a productive three days so far in Macha.  Together with the Push The Rock Zambia staff, the AROMA crew has kept busy running morning clinics, followed by afternoons spent at the recreation center.

The last two days the team focused on teaching the game of baseball/softball, as well as various basketball skills. Baseball and softball are basically new sports here, so it is of huge value to have athletes here that can help the children learn a new sport, as well as teach our Push The Rock staff.  Basketball is gaining popularity here as well, as was seen by the engagement of the children at this morning’s clinic.

It has been a whirlwind so far as the AROMA team hit the ground running.  We are very grateful for a day of rest tomorrow, which will include attending a local church service, perhaps a nap, and attending a local soccer game.

For more pictures/video of the team’s time in Zambia, check out the AROMA Instagram page.


AROMA Arrives in Zambia!

For the third straight year, Push The Rock is happy to be partnering with AROMA from Messiah College.  Today the team of 11  arrived safely at their destination in the rural community of Macha where Push The Rock Zambia is based.  The group consists of baseball, softball, basketball, and lacrosse athletes/coaches.  It will be an amazing week.

The team landed in good spirits and with all their luggage, which is always something to be thankful for.  We are grateful for the willingness of this group to use their athletic gifts and passion for Jesus to work alongside us in sharing the love of Christ.

More updates to come as our time together continues, thank you for your prayers.

2017 AM & Jr Worlds Recap

The 2017 Am and Jr. Worlds was an amazing gathering of some of the best Amateur disc golfers in the world, and it was a pleasure to be part of it as an organization! We had three of our full-time staff members there, and three of our junior grant recipients. There were over 600 players competing, and a jam-packed schedule for the week for all the competitors between rounds of disc golf, and fun activities for them to do. Our staff got to meet so many great people during the week, and we can’t wait to come again to this event and invest in this awesome gathering of competitors!

Jim Schultz headed up the Eagles Wings components of the event which started off with a chapel open to all competitors. To kick off the event all the players gathered for a players meeting, and our chapel was scheduled to follow. Unfortunately, the players meeting ran long, but we still had over 25 people attend to listen to a message from Jim and worship together. A local church, Edgewood Baptist Church, partnered with us and led us in a great time of singing and worship. All in all it was a greatly encouraging time of believers gathered together.


Part of the junior grant included a dinner for recipients and their families. Jim hosted the first night of competition and it was a privilege to spend this time with a wonderful group of young players. Jim got to share about Eagles Wings and one of the winners let him know of all the help she received to get to the competition; Eagles Wings was her favorite because it involved faith! Beyond the dinner, Jim got to spend at least one round with each competitor as he caddied for them and continued to build the relationship with them and their families.

After already participating in the Professional and Amateur World championships we will next head to Grand Rapids, Michigan to participate in the World Championships for the age-protected divisions. Jim will again run a chapel for the competitors, and will himself be competing!




When we first started work here, we knew we wanted both girls and boys to be part of our story.   At first, it was slow going and frustrating at times as we were not able to attract the young women to our programs.  Girls in our community are often busy doing chores or watching siblings…or were just used to being brushed aside by the boys, so they would not even come to try to participate.

Today though, after almost 4 years of working to include young women, we are happy to see changes underway.  Just last week this picture was taken at our midweek girls’ soccer practice.

It is exciting to see fruit.  Each one of these girls is a gift, and we are thankful we get to work with each one of them on a regular basis.

We continue to be grateful for progress and growth.  We thank the Lord for sending us the children He sends us each and every week.  We continue to pray, and ask you to join us as well, that we would have a lasting impact on the lives of ‘our’ boys and girls…an eternal  one.