Celebrating With One Of Our Junior Grant Winners

When we started our Junior Grant Program this year we were blown away by some amazing junior disc golfers who are really doing some great things both on and off the course. They have all worked so hard to make a difference while working on their own disc golf game. Our main objective was never to support the best players, but those who understand the importance of giving back and investing in those around them.  What has been particularly exciting is that it seems to have worked out that we chose not only great ambassadors, but also incredibly talented players as we saw at the PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships in Iowa this year.

While that was a great week together we now want to celebrate another achievement of one of our grant winners. Recently, 14 year old Silas Schultz, had an incredible showing at the Next Generation Disc Golf National Championships.  This tournament was the culmination of a series of events from around the country with the intention of finding the top amateur player who would be rewarded with a brand new car.  Not only did Silas make it to the tournament, a great accomplishment in itself, he never found himself outside the top three throughout the event!  After taking a one stroke lead into the finals he ended up finishing second place after an epic six hole playoff by just a stroke.

We are incredibly proud of Silas for not just the way he competed, but for how he conducted himself on the course throughout the competition.  Over the past several days we received a number of comments from people who met Silas at this event and were compelled to tell us how great a young man he is!  Check out the video below to watch some of the coverage.

While we do not have all the details in place quite yet we are excited to announce that we will be again offering a junior grant for 2018.  This year we were able to give the grant to four winners, and in 2018 we are planning to extend this offer to six young disc golfers!  In addition to that part of the grant will be paid entry to either the Junior Disc Golf World Championships OR the United States Junior Disc Golf Championships.  Both of these events are brand new for 2018 and we are excited to be playing a role in both.  We could not have offered the grant without the support from a great set of sponsors this past year.  If you are interested in being part of our Junior Grant in 2018 please contact Dustin Leatherman at dustin@eagleswingsdiscgolf.org.


A Time for Sabbatical

One of the many blessings for all of us at Eagles Wings Disc Golf is working with a group of people from across the country with several years of ministry experience. Jim Shultz has been in ministry for over 30 years and is the person responsible for the name Eagles Wings Disc Golf!  He has been with us since the start of the ministry under Push The Rock and we have all been blessed by Jim’s years of experience and youthful energy. For the next 10 weeks, we are glad to be able to offer Jim time for a sabbatical.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a sabbatical is a time of rest and renewal that is often provided for people in ministry every seven to ten years.  Jim will take this time to prepare for the next season of ministry while growing in his relationship with God and his family.  We look forward to having Jim rejoin us in the same capacity that he has been serving on Januaray 15th.  

While Jim is taking this time away from the ministry things continue to move forward and if you need to contact anyone about our ministry in Michigan, please reach out to our National Director, Dustin Leatherman. Dustin can be reached at dustin@eagleswingsdiscgolf.org. Please be praying for Jim and his family during this time of sabbatical.

Throwback Sports Teams Up With Eagles Wings

Recently the owners of Throwback Sports reached out to Eagles Wings Disc Golf. We were able to strike a partnership that will allow friends of Eagles Wings Disc Golf to purchase their great back pack style disc golf bag that retails for $100 for just $80. For each bag that is purchased with our special promotion code, Throwback Sports will also donate $20 to Eagles Wings Disc Golf.

We are blessed to have a partnership like this that will have a significant impact on the ministry of Eagles Wings Disc Golf. If you are anyone you know are looking to buy a new backpack style disc golf bag, please consider buying one of these. Your purchase will not only be useful for you, but you will help Eagles Wings make an impact in the disc golf community.

Just use the code 20Eagles when you buy their bag. There is a link to the Amazon page here. Also, there is a link to a video on Facebook here.