WSCA Brazil Update #5

This morning we went to the pool where the staff at AECA teach swimming and synchronized swimming twice a week. Because it was a holiday, we brought all the AECA kids to the pool, did a scavenger hunt that helped to tell the Easter story, and swam with the kids for the morning.

It was a great last day of ministry and getting to share the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In the afternoon we spent some time shopping with Daniel and Babi before having dinner and finishing up our packing.

We got to pray with them before we left, and we’re currenty on our way to the airport. Please pray for us as we travel home – for safety and energy.

WSCA Brazil Update #4

We spent the day at a camp where a local Christian school was on retreat for 4 days. We got to jump right in with them for the day – it was so fun to be there with them and get to know them.

When we got to the camp in the morning, we had the opportunity to share testimonies with them – Mary, Reid and Kyle all shared! After that, different groups of students took us to their small groups. We all did different things – in my group (high school girls) we wrote out qualities that we looked for in friends and husbands and talked about how we can bring those things before the Lord and seek him in making friendships and relationships. After small groups, we got to play games and have free time with them before lunch.

The best part about today was that these students spoke English very well! We loved being able to communicate with them and learn about them.

There were many cool things to do at the camp – a long concrete water slide, a pool, basketball, soccer, volleyball, games, and some blow ups for racing and sliding into water. We got wet, spent a long day in the sun and made some very cool new friends.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon doing a combination of all the activities mentioned above. A lot of us were found on the court playing games!

There as a crew of students that we got to know well and got to have good conversations with and build relationships with. We are praying for them tonight as the Gospel is presented and the students have a chance to choose to follow the Lord.

We came back to dinner – a bbq prepared by our hosts and a few other Push The Rock staff. They have been the most amazing hosts here in Brazil!

We are excited to be at their ministry – AECA – tomorrow for the day. Check back for an update tomorrow!

WSCA Brazil Update #3

This morning we headed to a local public school that the missionaries have not yet been in. We were able to get in front of 583 kids today in two different groups. Before our program officially started, we were able to talk with the kids and get to know them a little bit! We only had a half an hour with the kids, so we called some of the kids up to get prizes and chose some to come down and compete in a relay race. The kids that didn’t participate were split up into two teams to cheer for the students participating! It was so fun! Kyle also shared his testimony with the first group. As the kids left, we were able to give them each a piece of candy and tracts.

After leaving the school in the morning, we headed back to the church to eat lunch and had a few hours to rest and hang out. We played games, ping pong, took a walk around the lake on the Word of Life campus, took some pictures and got to spend some time together as a team.

We returned to the same school for another afternoon session. School here is split into two sessions. Some kids go for the morning session and some go for the afternoon. We did the same things with the kids for the second session, only this time Lee shared his testimony with the kids.

After that program was over, we spent some time playing basketball with our team until our bus picked us up. We ate dinner and then had another cool opportunity tonight. Saturday we had met some of the interns here for two years to work with Word of Life. We went over to their campus tonight to play soccer and spend some time with them. It was fun to get to know them a little better and they were so kind! They bought us some açai, which is a kind of Brazilian dessert – it was so good! The night ended with a downpour & team time with the group. We are excited for another day of ministry tomorrow!

WSCA Brazil Update #2

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast at the church & also attended the church we are staying at. During the Sunday School hour, we sat with Daniel, our Push The Rock Brazil missionary, by the lake to spend time talking through the schedule for the week and praying for the specific things we will be doing and people we will be interacting with.

Around 10:30, we headed into the church service. We loved the worship & singing in Portuguese. We couldn’t understand most of the message, but thanks to some English on the projector screen, we were able to follow along in 1 Thessalonians. After church we enjoyed getting to know some of Daniel’s Push The Rock staff over lunch. We have loved interacting with them and getting to know them better throughout the day!

We sat in on one of their Push The Rock Brazil meetings, learned the roles each staff member plays in the ministry at AECA (the sports facility where they run ministry) and got to hear and see a little more about the ongoing ministry in Brazil.

Soon after the meeting, we headed to a church right down the road that has recently started a sports ministry program on Sunday afternoons. The church has a vision to reach out to the kids from the surrounding community and bring them to the church for sports and to share with them about the Lord. We played a few games with the kids – a dizzy bat/soccer ball relay and a sponge/water relay. It was fun to interact with the kids & Natalie had the chance to share her testimony with them.

The program for the day was officially over, but we stayed around for an extra hour or so to play soccer against the kids – we had  a blast!

After some quick showers, we headed to a pizza place for dinner (delicious) and an ice cream shop on the way home. We will finish our night with team time – looking at the 1st commandment.

We are excited to dive into more ministry tomorrow at a public school & an orphanage. We will have the opportunity to be in front of a couple hundred kids tomorrow – pray with us as we get to share about the Lord with these kids at a public school!

Thank you for your prayers! Check back tomorrow for another update!

2018 Eagles Wings Junior Tournament Registrations Live!

The beginning of the 2018 disc golf season is upon us. The top pros have already competed in one PDGA National Tour event and two Pro tour events. At Eagles Wings Disc Golf we are excited to finally have the details in place for our series of Junior Disc Golf Tournaments. Are you ready to join us for some of the best junior only tournaments in 2018?

We will once again be hosting two regional junior disc golf tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as the Midwest Region. We will also be hosting our Summer Break Bash at Kenilworth for the third year running. This will be the first year that the Summer Break Bash will be a sanctioned tournament. Registration is live now. Be sure to check out all the details and register by clicking on the event flyers below.

Also, be sure to look for us at the first ever PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships as well as the inaugural PDGA Junior National Championships.


WSCA Brazil Update #1

We made it to Brazil!

After flying out Friday afternoon & a layover in Colombia, we made it to São Paulo around 7:30am this morning. Many of us slept on the hour drive to the Word of Life campus where we will be staying for the week.

It was a nice day to ease into life in Brazil, and get some rest. We caught up on sleep from our overnight flight, and spent some time at a church member’s house this afternoon. She is in charge of the missions at the church. We ate lunch with some of the youth from the church and some interns from the States, swam in the pool and enjoyed the weather.

We are now heading to Daniel and Babi’s house for a meal, then will finish our day with team time, our team’s devotional time together at the close of every day. We are studying the 10 commandments and are excited to dive into the Word with the students from WSCA.

Thanks for your prayers back home! Check back this week for more updates!

Here Are Your 2018 Junior Grant Winners!

It is an exciting day. We are in a place where we get to make the day of six incredible kids. This year was incredibly difficult as there were so many amazing applicants. There are so many deserving kids who are making a difference in their local disc golf community. The six kids we did choose exhibited selflessness and a desire to give back to the sport of disc golf. They have plans for big projects this year and we are blessed to be able to support them as they compete in the game that they love.

We look forward to sharing more about this six grant winners over the coming year and showing you the difference that they are making. As you meet these kids be sure to encourage them in their journey and cheer for them when you see them flinging discs through the air. Our grant winners are:

2018 Grant Winners Announced This Tuesday!

This year we received a record number of applications for the Eagles Wings Disc Golf Junior Grant. There were so many great applicants and so many deserving kids that are making a difference in their local disc golf communities. Our judges have had the incredibly hard task of finding only 6 kids to receive a grant this year.

Thanks to one of our great sponsors,, we are prepared to announce our six winners live with Terry Miller this Tuesday night. We encourage all of our applicants to tune in to find out if they will win this years grant. The entire staff at Eagles Wings Disc Golf is looking forward to the opportunity to meet and encourage six phenomenal kids and share with the world the difference they are making.

Please click on the logos to go to their website and YouTube page.