Italy 2018 | Update 1 | June 24

Ciao Tutti!

The team is safe on the ground and ready for the first day of camp to begin tomorrow. It is hard to believe that less than 48 hours ago, we were traveling from PA to Italy. During our first couple of days, we have been on the move. The team arrived Saturday morning and spent the first couple of hours exploring Mestre. Interestingly, the first meal was kebabs from a place called Ali Baba’s (a signature restaurant of PTR Trips). The team later headed to Faenza with the missionary that lived there. Upon arrival, one of the team members insisted he needed to get some Italian pizza and coffee. Therefore, we headed to the nearest pizzeria and café. One of the team members (who is serving a year in Italy), assisted the group with how to order in Italian. Now, each team member is an expert at ordering food and drinks in Italy. ?

Today was the day the team would be on the go. The team attended church with our local missionary in Faenza. The church that we partner with in this area is in Ravenna but once a month it has a service in Faenza to accommodate those who cannot make it to Ravenna. There were 23 individuals in attendance, including the team. The team enjoyed worshiping and hearing the sermon in Italian. In addition, one of the team members shared a brief testimony during the service. Following the service, there was a potluck at the church. One of the team members even recognized a girl who had attended a previous Push The Rock camp. The time of fellowship with the church was refreshing and great as everyone got to interact and have conversations with people of various backgrounds. After lunch, they headed back to the apartment to relax until it was time to head to the center of Faenza in which the Annual Men in Tights/Horse Race parade would take place. This also offered a great time for the team to grab SCOOPS (aka gelato). Following the parade, the team was invited to dinner by our missionary partners in Forli. They enjoyed a wonderful meal that featured chicken, sausages, veggies, caprese, and plenty of San Benedetto Peach Tea (another PTR fav). The dinner was prefect as the team got to meet the local missionaries of Forli and the interns that will be helping during the week. The night concluded with a testimony and time of prayer during Team Time.

Please pray for the team as it begins its first week of camp in Forli and Faenza tomorrow morning.

Grazie Prego

Two Junior Disc Golf Tournaments, One Weekend

2018 has been a great year for junior disc golf. It was announced that the first ever Junior Disc Golf World Championship would take place.  Soon after it was announced that the first ever United States Junior Disc Golf Championship would also be happening.  We are looking forward to assisting with both of these new ventures this year, and this past weekend we ran two events of our own in PA and MI.

Last Saturday we had 117 junior players compete in one of our events.  In Michigan, staff member Jim Schultz held the 3rd Midwest JUNIOR Regional at Brewer Park in Grand Rapids.  The tournament was immediately followed by the Michigan High School Disc Golf Championships. Thanks to a great group of volunteers and sponsors it was a great day of disc golf.  You can check out the full results from the day here.

In Kenilworth, PA Dustin, Hannah, and Seth hosted the first of 2 summer junior tournaments, The Kenilworth Summer Break Bash.  This was the first year making this event a PDGA sanctioned event, and we had our largest turnout to date.  The day started out with a chapel and clinic, followed by a very competitive round that featured several sponsored players.  After the round a local church provided lunch for players, family members and volunteers for a great end to the day. You can check out the full results from the day here.


At Eagles Wings Disc Golf we love being part of the growing movement of youth disc golf.  It is a joy to be able to offer fun events for kids while sharing the love of Christ. Please keep our staff in prayer as we travel to Kansas and Vermont for the championship events mentioned previously, and then return to PA for the Mid-Atlantic JUNIOR Regional at Sellersville Disc Golf Course.

We also want to say a big thank you to all of our sponsors.  We received tremendous support from local clubs, players and churches.  In addition Disc Baron and D-Town Disc Golf played a huge role in both events.  Finally, we thank Innova Discs, Dynamic Discs, Paragon Disc Golf, and Upper Park Design for their ongoing support of our events.

Sports Complex Update – Basketball coming soon!

A few years ago we set out to create a sports complex in this community. We dreamed to have multiple sport offerings in a central location, where we had ownership and could use it for our programs and purposes.

Our full size soccer field is already in use as of April of this year, and in May we completed the fencing project that now encloses the nearly 10 acre area.

The latest project we are now working on is the basketball court!  We broke ground the last week of May and are on course to finish the project by the end of July.  It has been years in planning and we are excited to see the plans

When the basketball court is finished, we will then install a sand volleyball court as well, followed by a netball court.

We are grateful for the workers here who are doing a great job, and the many people who have also supported this ongoing project financially over the past few years.  It truly is a team effort and to see it coming together is truly something we are grateful for!


Costa Rica – Hope SEED Trip Update

Greetings from Costa Rica!

The Hope College team arrived in Costa Rica early in the afternoon today. We’ll have the opportunity to run several sports clinics and install many water filters. Please click on the link below to learn more about the team and following along with our journey in Costa Rica.

Junior Grant Winner Evelyn Heath Introduces Disc Golf

Disc golf is a sport that has experienced some tremendous growth in recent years. Part of the reason is because those of us who love the game take time to introduce the sport we love to more people. At Eagles Wings we are seeking to do this more often. We are blessed to partner with Junior Grant winners who share this passion to introduce more people to the sport of disc golf.

Evelyn Heath, a 2018 junior grant winner from Australia, has taken on multiple events to introduce people to disc golf. In the midst of a busy tournament season and working hard to raise money to be able to come to Emporia, Kansas this July, Evelyn has taught many people about disc golf. She really enjoys showing them how to throw and makes sure that they enjoy the sport as much as she does.

Support Evelyn and read more about her event by clicking here.

Check In With Two 2017 Junior Grant Winners

With the Eagles Wings junior grant program we strive to find kids that are making a difference in their disc golf community. We are blessed to know that it is not just something they do once while they are in the year that they win the junior grant. We recently caught up with two of our 2017 junior grant winners. They continue to be involved in their local disc golf community, helping to make the sport that we all love even bigger.

Both Lydia Lyons and Virginia Polkinghorne compete in local events that were part of the Women’s Global event. Each of them won their division at these events. Virginia competed at the KC Diva Spring Feeva where there were 10 girls in her division, some of whom she helped to get started in the sport of disc golf. She won by a large margin but was very quick to thank her parents, sponsors and Eagles Wings for continuing to allow her to play the game that she loves. Check out the video of her acceptance speech here. Lydia competed at the First Annual Rose City Disc Golf Open. Lydia shots the lowest score of any woman that competed in this event, both in her division and not.

Additionally Lydia has spent some time helping out at a Family Fun Day event hosted by her local parks department. She is busy teaching more families about disc golf. By the pictures she sent to us, it looks like there will be more competition for Lydia in the near future.

Please continue to celebrate our 2017 Junior Grant winners as the continue to make a difference in their local disc golf communities.