LBC Zambia Update 5.18.19

Off to Livingstone

Early this morning at 7:30 we said goodbye to Macha and made the 3 hour trip to Livingstone. The one bus’ trip lasted a little longer due to a speeding ticket. But all is well and we got there safely.

Arriving in Livingstone around noon, we are lunch and got ready for Victoria Falls!! We spent about 3 hours hiking all around the falls. We started at the top, then made our way across the bridge (where we got soaked). After getting drenched we made the long hike down to the bottom of the falls (the boiling pot). Victoria Falls was powerful, majestic, beautiful, and we were all in awe of God’s creation!

After the falls we went to local shops where many were able to practice bartering and saying no thank you. It was quite adventure!

Once we were finished shopping we went to dinner at Olga’s Italian restaurant. Many of us were excited to have pizza! Some were even adventurous and tried crocodile! After dinner we stopped for gelato which filled our cravings for ice cream!

Now we are getting ready to get a good night’s sleep for our safari adventure tomorrow!

Thanks for your continued prayers! We will be home soon!

Sara B. & Raegan

LBC Zambia Update 5.17.19

Fantastic Friday

Today was our last day in Macha, and it was packed full of things to do. The first thing on our agenda was climbing the water tower. Although the climb was challenging the view at the top was worth it! We could see for miles in Macha and the surrounding villages! After that, some went to the hospital to encourage families with sick kids, others took on the disc golf course with no fear. We gathered back together at Corie and Eric’s house for lunch. It was their daughter Reece’s birthday today! The tradition in Zambia is to pour water on you if it’s your birthday. So at lunch, Reece got soaked! Next we got ready for Fantastic Friday, where the kids come to Push the Rock at normal time, and play group games for the afternoon. We spilt up into four teams and had a competition to see who could do the best in the four games we played. We played blob tag, introduced sister sister, did some relay races and played ultimate frisbee. The yellow team ended up winning for the day! We said our last goodbyes to the kids as they headed home for the day. Dinner was served shortly afterwards. We celebrated Reece’s birthday by singing to her, and eating a unicorn cake that was specially made! After dinner we got to play games with the staff of push the rock, as a sendoff for our last day here. We are sad to leave, but grateful we can take what we’ve learned here and bring it back home.

-Becca, Amanda and Hope


LBC Zambia Update 5.16.19

Game Day From Macha

To start our Thursday May 16th, we gathered for breakfast like any other morning with our freshly baked chocolate chip muffins, compliments of Corie and a time of talking about the day ahead of us. We headed over to the Thuma’s house for our daily team time where we discussed learning, fellowship, and encouragement in short-term missions. After team time we split into lacrosse and basketball clinics to teach Push The Rock staff more drills and activities related to each sport. Throughout the hour long clinics there was never a moment of silence but rather a constant laughter and competitive spirit in the air. We went back to the Thumas for a delicious lunch that put everybody in a food coma (aka. everyone took a nap). Around 2 o’clock we all piled in the two vehicles (very squished) and journeyed on our way to tour MICS, a private school in Macha. The school was for kids K-7 and offered boarding for students who were not locals of Macha. This year at MICS the student population consisted of 200 students. Around 4 o’clock we had the opportunity to watch Push The Rock’s soccer team play in one of their local tournaments. While watching the game it gave us the opportunity to interact with the kids and families of Macha. It was a very exciting game to watch and the crowd was intently cheering on their teams. The crowd consisted of practically the whole village and people from surrounding areas came to watch. The end of game came right as the sun set and was a special moment of parting ways with fellow friends and newly created bond over the game of soccer. During dinner we discussed the day and everything we had experienced together and how to process all of it for when we return to the States. After the amazing mango curry chicken and rice dinner, we sang worship songs and a couple more of our team members shared testimonies. It was another great day in Macha and seeing God’s glory through it all.

Thanks for reading and praying,

Christine, Sonja, and the team

LBC Zambia Update 5.15.19

Happy Hump Day from Macha!

Hello everyone! It was another great day in Macha! Our day started off with a great team time session, where we discussed how to help without hurting on short term missions. We reflected on how this impacts our past trips or views on missions compared to this trip we are on. We were able to spend time teaching the Push the Rock staff from Zambia about lacrosse and basketball! We were able to share drills and skills that they can use with the kids. After the clinic we had the opportunity to ride in the back of a truck to one of the Push the Rock staff members’ house. They kindly prepared us insima, chicken, goat, tomato and onion soup, ground nut cabbage, and a drink made of maze (tastes like corn on the cob in drink form). They were so welcoming and we had the opportunity to watch them prepare the food over the fire. We got to see everything Boyd (PTR staff) built for himself and family, and everything that went into his farm. He showed us around and we saw his goats, chickens, pigs, the cow pen, and his garden. It was incredible to see all the hard work he put in to his house and everything he built. After his house, we went back to the PTR base. The kids were ready to play when we got back to play various board games, puzzles, and activities. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the children building relationships and having fun. It is crazy to see how excited the kids are to play and their willingness to try new games. After having a great afternoon with the kids, we ate an amazing dinner at the Thuma’s house. With our stomachs full, we debriefed as a team, played a lively game, and heard testimonies from some of our team. It has been another great day in Macha, but the week has gone by fast. Please be praying for energy and a few more great days ahead. Cannot wait to see what else God will do with this week! Thanks for reading and praying!

Leah, Cam, and the team

LBC Zambia Update 5.14.19

Mwabuka from Macha!

We are in our second full day of being at the base, time already seems to be flying by in the best of ways. The weather is worthy of mentioning as today was completely cloudless and a beautiful, sunny 83.

We started off our morning touring Macha Hospital run by the Brethren in Christ church. It’s a short five minute walk from the PTR base. It was much bigger than we envisioned it would be. Melvin, the administrator of 20 years, took valuable time out of his day to lead us in a tour around the hospital. The hospital began at this location in the 1950’s and the number of people treated HIV and Malaria has decreased significantly through the research and growth they’ve experienced. The hospital included many things we are familiar with including a reception area, maternity ward, X-Ray room, research clinic, post surgery wards, a surgical theater, physical therapy room and a pharmacy.

Some differences we noted in their hospital versus our American system included very open rooms for all of the patients together versus private rooms for each patient, the amount of technology we have in American hospitals seems immense comparatively, the differences in the way they handle sanitation is notable. I think it was incredible for the team and us to see how effective and amazing of a hospital system they have. It may look different than what we are used to but it it plays a major role in the Macha people’s health and livelihood.

They also have a nurses training school on campus, with around 170 students. They train for three years. It’s the only college in the area.

Afterwards we had team time at Eric and Corie’s house. It was a fruitful morning of discussion on what it looks like to be effective in short term missions.

Our afternoon began by looking at some artwork by a local artist. It was really neat to be able to see his talents on display and we were so glad he came to share with us.

Next came our favorite time of the day, when we spend time with the staff and children here. We spent the afternoon playing games with the children, especially teaching young people lacrosse. It was amazing to see how quickly they picked up the game and the joy they had while learning to play. We also engaged with them over ping pong, soccer, board games and reading books their little library.

After the kids went home for the evening. We walked to the soccer field and watched some soccer and basketball games while watching the sunset. We ended the evening with an amazing meal (Corie has gone above and beyond to bless us with some amazing meals this week. Everything is homemade and fresh and so delicious!), worship, and great team debrief and testimony time.

We are headed to bed now with sore muscles and really grateful hearts.

Over and out!

-Nina and Annie

LBC Zambia Update 5.13.19

The Adventure Begins!

The day started with a team meeting at Corie and Eric’s (Push The Rock Host). We were challenged by the western cultures tendencies to cause more damage then good on short-term mission trips. We spent the morning educating ourselves and preparing our hearts to serve the people of Zambia most effectively. We tried Insima for the first time. It’s basically a food that Zambians use as a utensil, its like mashed potato but has a thicker concurrency. After a brief prayer meeting with the PTR staff, we welcomed the kids that quickly became our shadows. We spent the rest of the afternoon hangout with the kids and participating in different activities such as basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, card games and ping pong. It was amazing to see how they accepted and showed us love on the first day of camp. The joy that they have has already impacted our team and our perspective because their joy is not based off of material things. We count it as a privilege to be accepted with open arms into this community and are looking forward to continue to build relationships with the Zambians. Thankful for: unity between the basketball and lacrosse teams over a common goal to love these child as Christ does.

Prayers for: Opportunities to share the Gospel with these kids and others!

Hope Privitera and Lizzy

LBC Zambia Update 5.12.19

We Made It!!!

We started our trek Saturday morning at 530am and arrived at our destination Sunday at 530pm Zambia time. We first headed to JFK airport for our 15 hour first leg of our flight. We had a great driver, and after a few exit adventures and one cone casualty we were all checked in and through customs. We were blessed with great conditions for our flights and had a smooth transition to our connecting flight in Johannesburg. The highlight of the flight was a beautiful sunrise that reminded us of God’s amazing handiwork. After arriving in Livingston we boarded a bus for a 3 hour ride to Macha. While on that ride we took time to refocus and spend time in worship together. The final half hour of our ride was on a dirt road that a four wheeler would function best on, but our driver skillfully maneuvered is safely to our destination. We are staying in the Macha Research Hostel in dorm style rooms. The PTR missionaries welcomed us into their home for a taco dinner, making us feel right at home. We are calling it a night in hopes to catch up on some much needed sleep to be well rested for an exciting week of serving and adventures.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mom’s!

Schenk, Cheri, and the team