Morocco Trip Update 8.22.19

Dear Friends and Family

It is hard to believe our time is nearly over.  As I write, we just have one day remaining.  The week has gone very fast and we have had a great time.

We have had a great time, competing, having fun and interacting with the kids.  Every day after breakfast we gather for some soccer training and soccer games.  The teams compete in the competitions and get points based on how their team does in each game.  Some of the games are crazy but teach skills and others are more serious.

After lunch we all work together to clean up.  It is really cool how each person has a job that they all perform well and do without being told.  I love drying the dishes with the kids. After lunch the PTR team has team time where we are studying the book of Philippians.  After a short rest we gather again for games such as dodge ball (multiple versions) , chuck the chicken, captains choice, many relay races, basketball knockout, vanilla / chocolate / strawberry and others.  Needless to say they are very competitive.   One Muslim boy and a couple of girls from the local town are with us all week and it really cool as we share our testimonies with the kids.  The kids are also learning verses for their team and are taking it very serious .  Tomorrow we will compete again and end the week with a relay race around the Haven.  After diner we are back on the soccer field or basketball court for games.

Tonight after dinner we drove to Ifrane and treated the whole Haven to Ice Cream.  It was great time .  This is my 4th time to the Haven and I have really come to love the kids and the people here.

Our team has jelled well and we have worked well together.  It will be sad when we return.

Blessing to all of you in the States and thanks for your partnership



Morocco Trip Update 8.19.19

Dear Friends and Family

After a rough start getting here we arrived late Saturday and have had a great day with the kids and adults at the Haven.  Leading up to the trip two of our team members had to drop out , one because his boss would not let him off from work and the other due to sickness.  So there are 4 of us who are happy to be here.  While we miss the two who could not come; We believe this is the team God wanted here.

Last night we gave out shirts, had dinner and then went for Ice Cream with the kids.  It was a blast riding in the car.  The kids miss my wife (Gram ) but are thrilled to have us (Kate, Rebecca, Clyde and myself) here for the week.

This morning after a pancake breakfast we watched and Andy Stanley video about our natural birth into sin and the difficulty  we have living the life that God calls us to live.  But in Christ, living through him we can live as God wants .

After church we divided the kids into teams and began the PTR Olympics.  Each team gets points for winning competitions and for memorizing verses.  Each day one of our team members will share with the kids.  Today was my turn and I shared about the joy we can have, described in Philippians, regardless of Circumstances.

After team time we will have more games with the kids before dinner.

Blessing to all of you in the States and thanks for your partnership