Introducing Team Eagles Wings!

In the disc golf world, many players are working harder and harder to become sponsored by their favorite disc manufacturers. Here at Eagles Wings Disc Golf, our goal is to support as many players as we can, and this looks differently from program to program.  We love offering the junior grant every year but also wanted to find a way to support and encourage young disc golfers looking to improve in their disc golf game, as well as grow in their faith.

In 2019 we were blessed to have the opportunity to get to know Esther Schultz during her three-month internship in Zambia.  Not only did she do an excellent job helping to develop and grow disc golf in Zambia, but she was also a great resource in putting together our Team Eagles Wings program.  While we wish we were in a position to help young players financially, unfortunately, it is just not realistic for us at this time.  Instead, we will seek to help our young team members navigate the challenges that come with pursuing disc golf seriously and help them better understand what it looks like to honor Christ with their play.

Part of the program includes pairing up our team members with touring professionals who share the same mission and values as Eagles Wings Disc Golf.  They will meet with these players regularly to help improve the mental side of their game and to talk with them about their faith journey.  We are really excited to support these young players in the years to come and hope to grow the program in the future.  To get to know Team Eagles Wings better, we have created team pages for them which can be found here: Team Eagles Wings.