4th Annual 5K Run/Walk

Last week on African Freedom Day, we had the pleasure of hosting our fourth annual 5K run/walk fundraiser for our community here in Macha.  Over the past four years we have put on the event with a few simple goals:

  1. To bring the community together in recreation
  2. To encourage exercise
  3. To raise money for a local organization/institution
  4. To have fun!

For the race this year we had more participants than the past year, so we continue to be thankful for the community here that is embracing this event.  One thing that made this year more special was the amount of young children who participated.  In fact, in the female category, a  12 year old posted the fastest time, followed by a 10 year old girl finishing second!  For the men, two 17 year olds swept the top two places – with the winning time being  17:05.

The best part about the event is seeing so many people come together – young and old, male and female, walking-running-cheering, and representing multiple nations.  (Zambia, Canada, the Netherlands, and the USA were all represented.)

We were also pleased to have the pastor of the local church who was receiving the funds open the event in prayer and give a few words of thanks and encouragement to the participants.

Thank you and see you all again next year! 

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