A recap of the second week in Costa Rica June 7, 2010

We just finished up three very busy days of ministry with 6 clinics, one game and a full work day at Project Abraham.


We spent the full day working at Project abraham.  This is a church which has 2 foster homes, a preschool and they are building a new church/gym combo.  We spent the day moving donated wood.  It was an exhausting but rewarding day .


In the morning we ran a clinic in del Lomas, an area where there are a lot of drugs and gangs.  One hundred ten kids showed up (we were prepared for 70) and we had to make up stations on the fly and for a few had no translator. After a rough start things went ok. It certainly challenged my spanish.  After lunch we played a game and then ran a clinic at a foster home.  The foster home was a lot of fun and great to be able to share the love of Christ with kids who have so little.  We played until dark and then headed back.


We ran 4 clinics in a very poor area of Heredia.  In between the clinics we played the teachers from the school.  While I was watching/coaching the game a group of young  boys around 10 yrs old gathered around me.  They had just been at the clinic and knew who I was. They knew little english and I know very little spanish but somehow we connected.  My heart broke as I heard that most of them had no father.  They told me they wished I was their grandfather. Hopefully CED we will see them again.  After the clinic we traveled back to AMCA for dinner.  After dinner Stephanie, one of the girls who translated for us the first week, stopped by to say goodbye and give us a gift.  She told us that we had really had an impact on her.


We wrapped up with two clinics at a local school.  It is hard to believe that our time is nearly up.  We have had a great time opening new doors for PTR Costa Rica and are excited about the future.  Please pray that God will provide the staff and the funding needed to keep the ministry growing.

Dave for the team

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