AROMA in Zambia August 17, 2015

Today Push The Rock Zambia welcomed their final group of 2015 to Macha.  This team consists of 11 athletes from varying sport backgrounds, all students at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, USA.  AROMA is the sports ministry branch of the college, and we are thrilled to now also be partnering with them in Zambia.

You can read more about AROMA here . We are excited to see how the week will unfold as we work and play together with our Push The Rock Zambia crew in Macha.

It didn’t take long for the group to find children…no sooner had we gotten to our rooms, than we were on the Push The Rock Zambia campus already kicking soccer balls, playing volleyball, and laughing with the children who come by the rec center for daily activities.  We are thankful for the team’s safe arrival, and we look forward to the energy and passion the team will bring to Push The Rock Zambia in its time here.

To read about the team’s experience first hand, be sure to follow the daily blog!!

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