Greetings from Staro Celo Bulgaria!  It’s been quite an exciting adventure the past few days.  We began our trip in the Turkish ghetto of Varna, running Bible school in the morning and soccer camp in the afternoon.  We had somewhere around 80 kids for our soccer camps.  They were quite rowdy and camp was a bit chaotic at times due to the sheer number of kids.  Nevertheless I believe the Lord was at work in camp; it was evident in the kids’ attachment to us, reveling in the love that we showed them.  Following camp each day, our camp coaches joined forces with or competed against local men and boys in friendly matches.  Uh, the first game the Americans triumphed 8-1.  For the sake of their pride and for pursuing outreach and unity among us and the nationals, we decided to combine teams in the future.

Here in Staro Celo we just finished our first day of soccer camp.  It was very hot, but the kids were very well behaved and attentive, and our game with the men afterward proved a success.  We plan to play a u-18 or u-20 Bulgarian club team this coming saturday, so pray that we will be a good witness for Christ during that game.  Pray also for health in the remainder of the trip.  Several of the people in our group including me are a bit under the weather.  But God has been faithful, providing more than we could ask or imagine.  Ciao!


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