A Week at One of the Biggest Events in Disc Golf History

Last week, a few of our staff members had the opportunity to participate in a disc golf event with over 1,500 competitors, and a huge group of staff and volunteers. It was an honor and privilege to be part of the event and we wanted to share some of the ways we saw God at work!

Each year the Emporia Presbyterian Church opens their doors to welcome us for chapel after the players meeting. Due to the size of the event, and the convenient location, we typically have one of our larger turnouts. This year we had the opportunity to fellowship together with 60 people who were preparing for a full week of disc golf. It was a great night where we were challenged, worshiped together, and met Christian disc golfers from around the country. It was a great start to the week!

Two of our staff had the opportunity to oversee a course that was used for the tournament. This is a great opportunity to be in front of hundreds of people throughout the week, and it was exciting to have people ask us questions about Eagles Wings. The hours we were not at the course were filled with time talking to people interested in Eagles Wings. We met with people who are starting their own ministry endeavors in disc golf, desiring to be part of Eagles Wings in some capacity, and people who wanted to share ideas with us. That part was exciting and energizing, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord does in the disc golf community in the weeks, months, and years to come!

2019 National Chapel Schedule (Calling All Volunteers!)

The 2019 National Tour disc golf season begins next week with the Las Vegas Challenge which means we are making final preparations for our chapel program.  We are so thankful for the many people who have worked with us over the years to make this program possible.  This will be the third full season coordinating chapels, and our goal remains to have a presence at all the Majors, National Tour, and Pro Tour events.

Our objective with this program is to simply provide an opportunity for the disc golf community to come together for fellowship and worship throughout the disc golf season. We are excited to announce that Joel Freeman and Lance Brown will be working with the Eagles Wings team as chapel ambassadors to help us grow and develop this aspect of the ministry.  Not only are they great players, but they were key contributors to the chapel program last year.

While we are excited to officially add them to the team, we are always looking for people to get involved.  Please take a look at the chapel schedule and if you would like to volunteer, or be notified of the details of when and where we will be offering chapel, please fill out this form.

Wrapping Up the Chapel Season

 The Eagles Wings chapel season has come to a close, ending with the Hall of Fame Classic chapel last week. We finished the season with a great turnout and a message about sacrificial love. As we expand our chapel service, we have seen disc golfers on tour step up and really help at our chapels. Lance Brown, Joel Freeman, and Cameron Sheehan have been three of those players. Joel has been the worship leader at many of our chapels throughout the year and has done an amazing job. We are so thankful for the ongoing support of all chapel attendees and helpers.

Our 2018 chapel season has seen growth on many levels and we are excited about that. Throughout the season we hosted 25 chapels in 18 different states and saw over 400 people attend! We are grateful for the the support and assistance of tournament directors, local churches, and players who make it a reality. This season almost every Pro Tour, Major, and NT tournament had a chapel hosted in accordance with the event, and our hope is to continue to expand in 2019. Another highlight was the Junior Disc Golf World Championships, which marked the largest chapel attendance in our history. We thank God for the ways He has pulled things together to this point, and we are looking forward to taking the momentum of this year forward to prepare for another great year.

We are committed to serving the disc golf community in the upcoming years by continuing our chapel service. In order for us to be even more effective and reach more people, if you attended a chapel service this year, please fill out our Chapel Feedback form and give us your thoughts. We truly value your feedback and thank you in advance for taking the time to share it with us. You can find our feedback form on our website or by clicking here. We look forward to seeing you at some regional chapels hosted throughout the off-season, and be on the lookout for information about next year!

On Eagles Wings: Investing In The Future


Thanks to the staff at Dynamic Discs and the PDGA, Eagles Wings Disc Golf had the opportunity to be involved in the Junior World Disc Golf Championships a few short weeks ago. The tournament was held in Emporia, Kansas and had nearly 200 players competing. Eagles Wings Disc Golf staff members, Dustin and Hannah Leatherman, Seth and Becky Hogan, and Scott Leader along with his parents Ron and Lynn Leader, all made the trek to Emporia from Pennsylvania and Colorado to participate during the week filling various roles.

One of the highlights at Worlds was meeting all of the Eagles Wings Junior Grant Winners and supporting them throughout the week. Each of the winners had applied for the junior grant earlier in the year, with one of the main criteria being that they did a service project for their local disc golf community. It was really exciting for our staff to meet these incredible young disc golfers and get to know the people behind these stories we had read about. Five of our Junior Grant Winners from 2018, and three of our Junior Grant Winners from 2017 played in the event. We kicked things off for them early in the week with a dinner, and then spent time interacting with them throughout the tournament. Scott and his parents spent time each day supporting each grant winner out on the course during the tournament rounds.

Another highlight of the week was our Eagles Wings Chapel service. We had over 70 people in attendance, which was our largest chapel service to date. It is always such a blessing to worship God with other disc golfers and this night was no exception. It was held across the street from the player meeting, and a local youth pastor intertwined humor, stories of faith, and lessons from the Bible to teach the kids and their families how they can love God and others out on the disc golf course while competing at the Junior World Championships. During the award ceremony at the end of the tournament, it was incredible for us to watch so many of these same kids demonstrate their love for God and the other competitors while sharing about their faith in Jesus during their acceptance speeches. The time was well spent this week for our Eagles Wings Disc Golf staff and we all came away feeling excited about what God is doing in the disc golf community.



Last year, new friends of Eagles Wings, Yohannes Desalegn and John Luetzow, ran the first ever PDGA disc golf tournament in Africa in Yohannes’ home country of Ethiopia.  You may recall that we were able to send Elem Katambo, a member of the Push The Rock Zambia staff to the event. This experience for Elem sparked a vision of running a similar event in Macha, Zambia where he lives and works for Push The Rock.  All of this has led to the first ever African Disc Golf Tour!

We will be partnering with the Ethiopia crew to run a series of events that will be linked together.  While the African tour will most likely look a bit different than the big tours we see throughout disc golf, it marks a significant step in the growth of disc golf in Africa.  We are excited and honored to be part of this partnership and look forward to see what will come of it.

We will be sharing more details in the weeks to come via our website and social media and we encourage you to stay tuned in. We will be offering some great opportunities to support the event through shirt and disc sales, along with opportunities to sponsor holes for the event, and even local Zambian players!  



Our first ever chapel took place at the 2015 World Championships, and a few short years later we have made some significant progress!  While we will not quite achieve our goal of offering a chapel at every major event, we are getting closer every year. As the word gets out, we are excited that tournament directors have been helping us promote, and local disc golfers in ministry are getting involved.  On top of that, our core player base is growing, and doing a great job helping us with this offering!

As we mentioned earlier we were recently at the Junior World Championships.  The tournament director did a great job promoting the chapel, and we were blessed to have 77 people in attendance!  It was great to worship with people from all over the country, and even a few people from overseas. In addition to this we partnered with two different churches to make it happen, and got connected with some great families that now know there is a ministry like ours in the disc golf community!

This past week we were also able to offer chapel at the Amateur World Championships.  Our South Carolina ambassador led the way and did a great job with the night. Looking ahead we will be offering chapels in Vermont, Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia to name just a few states. We praise God for the growing network that has allowed us to grow this ministry.  If you are interested in helping us grow through either financial support, or by getting involved yourself we would love for you to join us!



Eagles Wings Staff Assists With The Largest Disc Golf Event In History

Last week several of our staff headed to the Glass Blown Open in Emporia, Kansas. We have been blessed to develop a relationship with Dynamic Discs, the hosts of the tournament and one of the larger disc golf manufacturers.  This year the event had 1,600 players and was the largest disc golf event to date.

Our staff had the opportunity to host a clinic with a local church, offer chapel at another church in town, oversee one of the courses used for the tournament, and run the juniors tournament at the end of the week.  On top of that it was a great opportunity to connect as a staff, and connect with people from around the country that are interested in getting involved with Eagles Wings.

The chapel to start the event was a great night and an encouragement to many.  We had 52 people take the time out of their schedules to come worship with us. We were blessed to have a crew from Colorado come in to speak and lead worship, and many people shared through the week what a great start to the event it was for them.  We are very grateful for the doors God has been opening in the disc golf community and for the partnerships and relationships that are developing.

2017 Eagles Wings Chapel Report

One of the first programs that Eagles Wings Disc Golf started was our chapel ministry. All of us who are part of this ministry spent significant time away from our home church body and knew that we would benefit from connecting with the larger body of Christ. This past year has marked a significant growth in our chapel ministry on many levels. Our goal to start the year was to make sure there was a chapel at all of the biggest tournaments that would be held in the United States. While we did not quite accomplish this goal we were very close, and believe we are in a great place to accomplish this for 2018!  In addition to the big events we were able to grow our local presence in the regions we operate and look forward to continuing to grow locally as we grow nationally. 

One of the biggest challenges for the chapel ministry is that the tournaments take place all over the country and our team is fairly small.  With this challenge in mind we made a concerted effort to grow our network of pastors and Christian disc golfers who could assist us in running chapels even if we did not have a team member on site.  We are thrilled at the people we met this year and relationships we built.  In 2017 we had 13 different people share the message and 14 different worship leaders lead us in times of worship and praise.  In all we were able to run over 20 chapels in 15 different states thanks to the connections and relationships God orchestrated this year. 

Our whole team is encouraged by the growth and the number of people that we are connected to because of our chapel services. We are already beginning to plan for next year and can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us. As the year came to a close it was encouraging to see chapel “regulars” and to see the disc golf church body beginning to take shape.  In 2018 we are hopeful to be able to create times of spiritual growth and connection through fellowship. We are hopeful to be able to be at even more events than last year, and we are hopefully to find more people who are interested in helping us further the Kingdom of God through this program.

If you attended one of our chapels and would like to provide some feedback for us, please do so here. Also, if you would like to get involved and help us run chapel services, let us know by filling out the following form.

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A Season Ends at the USDGC for Eagles Wings

The United States Disc Golf Championship is one of, if not the most prestigious disc golf tournaments in the world.  The tournament takes place on Winthrop University’s campus and is hosted by Innova Champion Disc, a company that has been a great supporter of Eagles Wings from day one.  This was our third year sending a part of our team to do a chapel and open the event in prayer at the opening ceremony. 

For Eagles Wings this event marked the close of what has been a busy season of ministry!  This was the last major disc golf event we will be attending and hosting a chapel for 2017, and it was a great way to close out the year.  Having the opportunity to pray for the competitors, staff and the event itself at the opening ceremony is a great honor, and something we are grateful to be part of.  After the close of the opening ceremony we headed to the host hotel to offer our last chapel of the year.  We had a great mix of players, staff, Innova employees, and local ministry leaders which made for a great night.  On top of that former NFL player, Pete Metzelaars shared the message with us and provided a great challenge for the group.

Now that the offseason is upon us we are tasked with evaluating our chapel ministry and planning for 2018.  We are so grateful for the many people that worked together to allow us to expand the ministry this year, and look forward to greater things next year!  Stay tuned for a recap of our chapel ministry that we will publish next week!

2017 AM & Jr Worlds Recap

The 2017 Am and Jr. Worlds was an amazing gathering of some of the best Amateur disc golfers in the world, and it was a pleasure to be part of it as an organization! We had three of our full-time staff members there, and three of our junior grant recipients. There were over 600 players competing, and a jam-packed schedule for the week for all the competitors between rounds of disc golf, and fun activities for them to do. Our staff got to meet so many great people during the week, and we can’t wait to come again to this event and invest in this awesome gathering of competitors!

Jim Schultz headed up the Eagles Wings components of the event which started off with a chapel open to all competitors. To kick off the event all the players gathered for a players meeting, and our chapel was scheduled to follow. Unfortunately, the players meeting ran long, but we still had over 25 people attend to listen to a message from Jim and worship together. A local church, Edgewood Baptist Church, partnered with us and led us in a great time of singing and worship. All in all it was a greatly encouraging time of believers gathered together.


Part of the junior grant included a dinner for recipients and their families. Jim hosted the first night of competition and it was a privilege to spend this time with a wonderful group of young players. Jim got to share about Eagles Wings and one of the winners let him know of all the help she received to get to the competition; Eagles Wings was her favorite because it involved faith! Beyond the dinner, Jim got to spend at least one round with each competitor as he caddied for them and continued to build the relationship with them and their families.

After already participating in the Professional and Amateur World championships we will next head to Grand Rapids, Michigan to participate in the World Championships for the age-protected divisions. Jim will again run a chapel for the competitors, and will himself be competing!



Eagles Wings Flying To The Amateur And Junior Disc Golf World Championships

The PDGA Amateur and Junior Disc Golf world championships is always a great gathering of disc golfers from across the world. People are there to compete in one of the largest annual disc golf tournaments for amateur disc golfers. It is a great place to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy everything disc golf.

Eagles Wings Disc Golf is excited to be part of this year’s Amateur and Junior world championships. We are looking forward to another great chapel as well as celebrating our first ever Eagles Wings Junior Disc Golf Grant winners and watching team member Elijah Hogan compete in his first Junior World Championships.

We are excited to be able to offer a chapel service at this great tournament. It will be great to connect with other believers and share the challenge of loving Jesus in the disc golf community. We will be meeting after the players meeting in a side room at the same venue.

Silas Schultz, Virginia Polkinghorne and Lydia Lyons were three of the recipients of our first ever Junior Grant. These three are being rewarded for the incredible contributions they are making to disc golf. They have helped to clean up courses in their local community and taught many the sport of disc golf. We are proud to be part of their experience at this year’s World Championships.

After spending the last two years volunteering at the PDGA Professional World Championships with Eagles Wings Disc Golf, Elijah is excited to be competing in his first PDGA Junior World Championships. Elijah has been involved with Eagles Wings Disc Golf for several years now, always part of the local events in Pennsylvania. He has traveled to two world championships to volunteer and been hit in the head once by a disc thrown by Will Schusterick. Now he will get to test his disc golf skills against the best in the world.

If you will be in the quad cities area, please make sure to connect with us as you can.