Eagles Wings Disc Golf Is Building A New Course At Judson College

Eagles Wings is blessed to be able to work with Judson College in the construction of a new disc golf course. Jim Schultz and the local team in the Michigan area are working hard to provide a fun opportunity for students at Judson to learn and play the sport of disc golf. The course will playfully wind through the campus at Judson and provide a challenge to all players.

The designs have been completed and we have begun to work on the property to prepare it for the course. A small team from Eagles Wings disc golf has worked hard to clear some of the underbrush and miscellaneous branches. We spent time putting down some paving stones to mark tee boxes and began to dig holes for the post when the baskets arrive.

There is still plenty of work to do on this course but for now things are looking good. We are excited to see this course take shape and look forward to hosting events on this course in the future.