Tenerife, Spain June 20, 2015 | Days 1&2

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

Days 1& 2

Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20

Meeting at Emmaus BFC on Friday morning, the team gathered for an hour and a half of training.  Working through all of the important details to be prepared, PTR leadership guided the team of 12 through all of the important info they needed to know.  Once finished and having closed in prayer, the team piled into two vans and team headed to JFK  airport for their 5:05PM flight to Madrid.  After over a 7 hour flight, the team arrived in Madrid just after midnight EST, 6:30AM local time.  Some team members were able to sleep on the plane while others enjoyed the treat of the on board entertainment. With a two hour layover, the team rested and waited patiently for the 8:45am (local time) flight to the island of Tenerife, the final destination.  Again, another smooth flight allowed the team to make it quickly and safely onto Spanish soil.  Picked up by members of the church, the team was taken to their lodging for the week, the same place the team has used for the past three years.  A grand reunion was had as the returning members of the team were treated with warm hearts and open arms.  It’s exciting to see how 50 weeks have not changed the relationships they have built over the past years.  After a little rest and a good lunch, the team met for their in-country orientation and a few moments to recover from the long day and the short night.  After a quick snack of fruit and homemade cookies, the team headed off to the gym to prepare for the the week ahead.  A few fun drills and full court scrimmages allowed the team to minister to each other and also enjoy getting to know each other on the court.  Finishing the evening with a lot of fun, a slam dunk contest was held on a lowered rim. To no one’s surprise, the tallest member of the team won the contest, but the second place runner up was only a few points behind.  Following the ride back to where the team is staying, the team enjoyed a fantastic meal of arepas and fruit.  A local (and Venezuelan favorite) the arepas were delicious and went very fast.  After writing in their journals and preparing for what they will say in the churches, the team spent time with each other and the locals from the church who are embedded in the team once again.  Closing out the night a tad bit early, the tired and sore team headed to bed anticipating another great day tomorrow.

Anticipating a great day head,

Coach Brendan

2013 Mission Trips: Sign up today!!

How about joining Push The Rock on a mission trip this year?  Maybe it is time for you to take that step in faith, could a sports ministry trip be the answer?  The trip may only be a week or two, but its impact can last a lifetime!

We are passionate about sports, but so are countless others around the world. The difference? Ours comes from a desire to honor and serve the Lord, and to share that hope we have in Christ with others using our God-given gifts and abilities. In essence, it is an opportunity to be good stewards of that which He has given to us. For us, it means using sports. What have you done lately with your passion for sports?

With trips heading to Mexico, Miami, Eastern Africa, the Canary Islands(Spain), the Czech Republic, Italy, and Zambia, there is sure to be a trip that is a great fit for you!  Visit our Missions page to read more and apply today!

PTR Costa Rica purchases a vehicle!

We are happy to announce that after more than a year of fundraising and prayer, PTR Costa Rica was able to purchase a vehicle for its ministry throughout the country in detention centers, prisons, schools, and communities.  Nattie Gomez, our full time employee in San Jose, also sends her ‘thank yous!’  On behalf of Nattie, PTR Costa Rica, and all of us here at PTR, we are grateful those who helped make this happen through prayer and financial contributions.  !Muchas gracias!  You can see the vehicle in the pictures below.


PTR Zambia Office is Coming!!

In the course of the past two years we’ve been able to take 2 PTR soccer teams to the rural hospital community of Macha, Zambia.  After much prayer, consideration, and communication, we have been invited to open an office there and have begun to make preparations that will enable us to send a full time staff member to Zambia in order to begin year round ministry.  PTR is happy to announce that land is being cleared in Zambia in preparation for the establishment of PTR Zambia in 2013! Currently bricks and sand are being hauled in to begin building PTR Zambia’s first staff house.  Click here to see a map of Macha, and below are a few pictures of the early progress. More information, and a PTR Zambia website will be coming soon!